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When my son entered Kindergarten – oh so many years ago- I soon realized the PAPER, PAPER, and more PAPER that got sent home. It was notices, art work, and homework. As he progressed into 1st and 2nd grades, there was more homework. That homework was all worksheets. When I was in gradeschool, I thought most of our homework was out of textbooks, but now there is so much PAPER!

I quickly realized we needed a way for him to store his papers, yet have easy access to them when packing his backpack. He also needed a place to keep pencils (so he would stop taking mine everyday!). At our house homework is done at the kitchen table, so having something in the office was not feasible or visible during the morning rush. It had to be in the kitchen.

Here is what we did. I got a magnetic wall file from Staples – not sure what I paid, that was pre-frugality, but probably $10. This enabled him to keep papers (before he was old enough to have a desk in his room), and hold a couple pencils – though if you look at the pic on the top we also have a small white magnetic bin that holds pens/pencils and small memo paper.

This has worked GREAT!! It also made it easy for mom the few times I got a call that he forgot to pack his homework, I knew right where to look. My son is now in 5th grade and needs to be more accountable for his homework – so even though he still does homework on the kitchen table, he does have a desk in his room and stores more items in his backpack. Time to pass on the bin to my daughter who just started kindergarten!!
This WORKS FOR ME, what works for YOU?? Let us know!!!

Also, I need your help. Next week, Works For Me Wednesday has a theme – cleaning tips. What is your best cleaning tip. I want to put together a post with my readers BEST tips! You can email it to me or post in the comments. THANKS
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