What the Holderness Viral #XMASJammies Christmas video taught me

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Without a doubt you have seen the above Video in posts and articles with titles like – Family’s Video in Xmas Jammies Will Upstage Your Christmas Card and This Family’s Viral Christmas Card Makes Your Family Look Lame.


I will be honest that when I first saw it I was overcome with the dreaded green-eyed monster and feeling like a LOSER since I could not even get my “far from Norman Rockwell” family to smile all together in one stupid picture for a holiday card.  I seriously spent late Saturday night trying to “photoshop” my kids together in a picture before finally deciding on a collage for the holiday card.

Then I felt like a loser because I am clearly not as cool as they are – though I think I could rock those #XMASJammies.

Then I took a step back…


Putting ourselves down and feeling less-than after seeing someone else’s success or creativity is WRONG on so many levels.

First of all he is a TV anchor and she was a TV journalist and is an actress and they have a production company.  THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE GOOD AT and WHAT THEY DO – it should be great.  It is also a fabulous marketing campaign for their business.

But even if they were not – we cannot all be GOOD AT EVERYTHING.  We cannot all BE CREATIVE the same ways.  We cannot all BE A ROCKSTAR.  We cannot all be the first one to come up with an idea.  If everyone was the same then moments like those would not bring enjoyment or entertainment because they would be expected from everyone.  How boring would that be?

What I Learned From the Video

  • HAVE FUN – I mean who does not need more of this?
  • Take stock in your and your families accomplishments

Instead of spending time wishing we were like someone else or our families or lives were like someone else’s, TAKE STOCK IN THE GOOD THINGS YOU DO HAVE.  The video did show me that I have not taken stock in my families happiness and accomplishments this year as well as being thankful for being healthy with a roof over our heads – not everyone has that.  It would be a great exercise to sit with the family and talk about all the great things from the last year.

  • Take RISKS and do what you love!

You also see that Penn Holderness is leaving what would be a DREAM job for many to follow his passions.  Are your REACHing for your dreams… do you even know what they are?


Comparison when done NOT to improve yourself, but to diminish your accomplishments or even worse make you want to be something you are not – is counter productive.

DECIDE what you want to BE and DO

Take STOCK of what you have already accomplished

FIGURE out what you need to do or learn to achieve your GOALS


So I will never have a super cool Christmas video.  Those will be so 2013 by next year.  I AM and HAVE so much more and so do you!

So thank you Holderness Family and the Slade Family who has also been doing this for years for entertaining me, making me smile and realize I have a great family and life too.

Simplify Christmas and enjoy your families.


  1. Thanks, you are very insightful! I hope you and your family have a wonderful and merry Christmas :)

  2. You are wonderful! I felt the same way watching this video. Thanks for taking the time to write these encouraging words. They have touch me.

    I am sure your collage card looks wonderful!
    Merry Christmas.

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