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If you are joining us from WCVB Channel 5 or BostonChannel.com – WELCOME!!

Maven of Savin’ we are about saving money, saving time, and saving our mind.  Since starting this site and learning how to effectively save money, my family has been blessed with so many things.  I have been able to make significant donations to my local food pantry, as well as help others learn to save so they can get the things they need for their families.  It is a privilege for me to be able to do that.

If you are new to my site – WELCOME!!  We have a wonderful group of readers here.  You may want to subscribe to my daily newsletters by email, or follow me on facebook or twitter for all the latest scoop.  If you are just starting out, we all have and we take baby steps – one step at a time – and ask ask ask questions.  It all starts one free tube of toothpaste at a time.  You do not need to be EXTREME to save money.  Your do not need to spend HOURS each week to keep more money in your pockets.  We are here to help.

You will find local grocery chains, as well as National drugstores (CVSRite Aid and Walgreen) match-ups.  You may want Back to School deals and well as Daily deal sites and more.

Here are a few posts TELL ME HOW posts to get you started:

It can be overwhelming so take your time and save one coupon at a time.  Your do not need to spend hours and hours to save money

Welcome again and I hope you stay to help us all save money, save time & save our minds.  We have a wonderful community and are glad to have you!


  1. check your blog half a dozen times a day. where in your area is the big y going in, we were going to get one in Foxboro, but now its a no go. I go to walpole on occation maybe this new one is closer to me. thanks

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