Walmart 2012 Black Friday UPDATE: Get Black Friday Prices NOW with Layaway!

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UPDATE – As with all Walmart policies, it is critical that your work with your local stores.  There are some reports that layaway will NOT be open at some stores on Black Friday and others that they do not open til 9am. 

There is HOT Black Friday news from an interview by Paul from IHeartTheMart with the Director of Communications at Walmart confirming the little known policies that are already in place… are you ready, you might want to sit down…

Walmart will PRICE MATCH items on LAYAWAY if you payoff in full on Black Friday!

Items that have been put on layaway then are paid off on Black Friday will be sold at Black Fridaypricing (i.e. If you place a LG Blu-ray player on layaway today and payoff the purchase on Black Friday, you will pay the $38 Black Friday price).

That means instead of standing in line everywhere on Black Friday, you can place items in layaway NOW and then just wait in the layaway line on Black Friday to have them price match the Walmart 2012 Black Friday Ad and other store’s published Black Friday prices.  Be sure to review the Walmart Layaway Policy to be sure your products are eligible.

As we already know, they will be price-matching other stores print ads (not online deals) and you can also use coupons on your layaway.  So what do you need to do?

Here is what you do:

  • Find items you want in the Walmart 2012 Black Friday Ad or any other 2012 Black Friday ad.
  • Head into Walmart and find the EXACT items and place them on layaway by Wednesday  11/21/12.  They will go into layaway at current prices.  This is also valid for any products already in layaway.
  • Then you need to go to Walmart on Friday to PRICE MATCH and pay-off your layaway (Layaway will be closed on Thursday).  This means you have to close out your layaway contract.  Keep in mind if any of the prices are time specific (door busters) you will need to complete your transaction during that time.  Make sure to have your printed ads with you!

Keep in mind there are a lot of deals that are only valid certain hours and the layaway lines could be long, so do not underestimate the planning you need to do in deciding the items you want to do this for.  There could also be LOTS of confusion in the stores and there are lots of questions still to be answered.  I would work with your individual store PRIOR to Black Friday as you put them on layaway. That may make things go much smoother.  A lot of the Walmart Black Friday items have different SKU’s than the regular items making this difficult for some, but price-matching other stores may be easier.

Of course there will be loads of Black Friday deals available online ALL DAY on Thursday and Friday and I will bring them to you.

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  1. Michelle D says:

    I just contacted several of my local Walmarts and they said layaway will be be closed all day on Black Friday.

    • I contacted over 20 local Walmart stores in Illinois and they all said that the Layaway Department will be closed on Black Friday.

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