Thomas’ Bagel Thins $1 off coupon

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Here is a great coupon for $1/1 Thomas’ Bagel Thins.  Now I am not sure why you would want your bagel THIN?!?  Yes – I know I need to cut down my carbs, but THIN BAGELS??  Let’s hope for a good sale!

thanks SaveTheCoupons


  1. Stacy C says:


    These bagel thins are AWESOME with a thick sandwich filling! I used these when we had friends and family over for the Super Bowl a few years back b/c AHEM the Patriots were shall we say better back then. Well we instead of beer and pizza, I made homemade pizza and homemade soft baked pretzels but the real tuchdown of our meal was a fried turkey that the men fried which we then carved and ate it on assorted breads, rolls, and even these bagels with assorted toppings like chipotle mayo, guacamole, garlic basil herb thisk pesto. The turkey was awesome, it was gone the bagel thins made a good bread idea for a meal like this…


  2. Kelly B says:

    I love these ever since they came out! I have the everything bagel for breakfast every single day with my cup of coffee! It’s only 100 calories and it’s very satisfying and it keeps me from consuming double the calories or more, it’s too bad I can only print 2 coupons. But I’m happy you found them :0)

  3. These are great you must try!! Just bought them over the weekend.

  4. Barbara Rinaldi says:

    I dont have a printer could you please send me coupons for Thomas Bagel thins 100% whole wheat? Thank you be looking forward for your E- mail.

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