The Butt Crack Warning Light

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Completely unrelated but has anyone ever gotten this warning light on their dashboard?  What does it say to you?

I call it the butt crack warning light.  That seriously is what I called it the first time I saw it.  I called my husband because I had no idea if it was one of those STOP NOW or your car will blow up lights or not.  He asked what it looked like and I explained it was a big butt with a crack… or big boobs with cleavage.  Now I will not even get into the fact that my van’s owners manual sucks and I hunted in that thing forever to identify the meaning of the butt crack.

Just in case you have not figured it out – it means I have a tire that is low in air.  I guess if I squint my eyes it could look like a low tire – BUT really, why not just flash LOW TIRE for we symbolly challenged folks.

Anyway that baby was on this morning so I filled it with air on the way to dropping the kids to school.   Unfortunately it looks like we have a real problem because as I picked the kids up this afternoon I heard myself utter the words – the butt crack is back – to which the kids said – WHAT?!?! WHERE???

So then I got to thinking that we really do need butt crack warning lights.  

For starters in dressing rooms when people try on those low, low rise jeans – BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP – BUTT CRACK LIGHT!!!  Not to mention the occasional muffin top warning light as well.  It is not just the ladies.  What about the young guys who belt their pants BELOW their butt cheeks.  There should definitely be a warning light for that.

If they get past the dressing room, I think there should be one on phones.  When you check your messages you should have the butt crack warning light flashing.  Maybe it stays on and you cannot text until you pull your pants up – LOL!  I bet that would encourage the young ones to dress a little more appropriately.

We will not punish the plumbers for plumbers butt because it only really happens to them when they are fixing our gross stuff.  I mean really – they put their hands and faces where we put out butts – so cut them some slack and turn the other cheek.

Where do you think we need butt crack warning lights?


  1. Thanks for the chuckle – LOL!

  2. I guess that explains why I mutter “Oh S–t” every time mine comes on! I’ll never look at that symbol the same way again. Too funny.

  3. I am still laughing, my 3 daughters age 15,13, 12 just think I am crazy…

  4. Jennifer says:

    My butt crack light is always on….I won’t be able to look at it any other way now!

  5. What I find great, is that my Mother explained the light in her car the SAME EXACT way that you just did. So her explaining the light to my mechanic husband went down about the same as your explantion to your husband. LOL. Its touch to recover from butt-crack issues :)

  6. Melissa H says:

    Get it checked, It’s for your brakes.

  7. I never thought of the light that way before, but I will every time I see it now. By the way, check your spare tire. I had all my tires checked, and ended up asking the dealership and they said it was the spare. Aired it up and the light went off.

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