Tell-Me-How Tuesday – STOCKPILING

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I know I promised you coupon organization today, but I am not ready!! SO here is a re-post of another topic that you need to know – STOCKPILING 101

What is stockpiling?
If you find a good sale on an item that you use a lot and you have coupons to make it free or next to free, then if your budget allows buy more than one. This way when you need it again before it goes on sale, you don’t have to pay full price for it.

If you can slowly build up a stockpile, you have less you ‘have to’ buy each week. If you are just starting, try to set a goal to stockpile at least one item that you regularly buy each week. If you “have to” buy too many times, you are at the mercy of whatever high price there may be that week.

Your goal is to get several of the same item when it is at rock bottom prices and when you also have coupons to go along with it. Stockpiling items at these lowest prices means you will never have to pay full price again. When you stockpile at the right time, you can have multiples of the same item for less than the cost of what one would normally cost you.

Beware of perishable items and don’t overstock on them. Non-perishable items like paper towels, laundry soap, kleenex…get as many as you can at rock bottom prices as long as you can find storage for them.

Rules for stockpiling:
1. Don’t wipe out store shelves – leave some for other families – some stores let you special order if you have a lot of coupons for an item or want to buy a lot!

2. Don’t get more than you will use or give away. There is a difference between stockpiling and hoarding.

3. Rotate your stock. Even with non-perishables you want to rotate your stock. First in first out (FIFO) is the way to go

Above you see pictures of my stockpile. Actually that is an old picture, now it is bigger and a little out of control..Most of the food items there were at rockbottom prices and mostly FREE! I usually do not buy any food items that my family will not eat, unless it is really close to free and I will snag some for the food pantry. The 2nd picture is of the drugstore type products – most of which were FREE or made me a PROFIT at CVS/Walgreens/RiteAid!! As you can see, I have probably 10 tubes of toothpaste, 10 deoderants, a bunch of shampoo, etc. I now even have 22 Stayfee Maxi pads that I got FREE for profit from Rite Aid in July. A lot of this may be products my family will not use, so I will go through and start a donation box for the food pantry.

Eventually you will get to know what prices are rockbottom. For me, since I have been couponing, I will not pay for toothpaste – there are so many deals every month for youto get FREE toothpaste. I will share a list of what I think are stock-up prices in a few weeks. What do you stockpile??

Have you found any great deals?? I would love to hear from you!! Post a comment & share your thoughts!! If you like this post, share with a friend or Subscribe to Maven of Savin’ by Email or feed!! THANKS!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I just started so my stockpile is small and very organized.

    I hope to have so much where it can get out of control, but I'll try NOT to let it.

    To me, it's just a sign that I am doing well with my couponing/saving!


  2. Anonymous says:

    I like to stockpile everything I use on a regular base. I visit my parents frequently, so I like to stockpile things I can take there so I can have my own little shelf of stuff- that way when I start my period there, I don't have to go to the overpriced pharmacy and pay 8 bucks for them!

    I love to have a stockpile of items so when a friend is in need, I can easily pass along some stuff.

  3. Your site has been so helpful so far my stock pile
    goya low sodiumn beans
    Uncle bens white rice
    frozen veggies
    instant mashed potatoes
    purex laundry detergent
    facial tissueand most recently powerade zero all free or damn close thats to this site! fyi stop and shop has a sale on powerade 69cents a bottle(32oz) with a bogo coupon from the powerade face book page what a deal.

  4. Great post!
    I also will not pay for toothpaste.
    Other rock bottom prices I have picked up reciently are: Razors $1-2, hair color $2, laundry detergant $2 (when needed).
    Thanks for your advise!

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