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It is Tuesday again, so it is time for Tell Me How Tuesday – you can see all the previous posts HERE.

This weeks topic:

Shaw’s/Star Market 101

SHAW’S/STAR MARKET® operates 194 stores in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Vermont. They are part of the SUPERVALU chain of grocery stores across the US. Locate a store near you.

Shaw’s and Star Market are interchangeable. My local store has Star on the outside of the building, I use a Shaws Rewards card, all signs in the store say Shaws, and the receipt sometimes says Shaws, sometimes Star.

Shaw’s has a great website where you can find most of this information: Welcome to Shaw’s Supermarkets

There are many ways to SAVE money shopping at Shaw’s.

Weekly Specials – Shaw’s has over 5,000 specials every week which are highlighted in the weekly circular that can be seen online HERE. You can also make a “shopping list” using their circular OR by printing my coupon match-up post every week

Locked in Specials
– Shaw’s will typically have a big list of products on “locked in” specials which are essentially sale prices that are valid for months.

Price Watch – Shaw’s watches its competitor prices and you will see the shelf tag on some of your favorite products stating it is on price watch.

Exclusive Shaw’s Brand products
Culinary Circle (chef-inspired cuisine), homelife (paper goods and household products), Wild Harvest (natural and organic products), equiline (over the counter medications, vitamins, and health & beauty items), Happy Tails (pet products), Shopper’s Value (Shaw’s brand on a budget), Baby Basics (baby care), and Signature Brand Collection (high quality meats)

Shaw’s Rewards Card can save you 15-30% off your grocery bill. These savings can be seen at the bottom of every receipt listed under “preferred savings”. The circular prices are in effect when you use your Shaw’s card. SIGN UP HERE for your FREE card. If you forget your card, MOST cashiers will scan their card so you can get the sale prices.

GAS REWARDS were discontinued as of March 1, 2011

SAVE ON GAS – The more you spend at Shaw’s with your Rewards Card; the more you can SAVE ON GAS.

$50-$99.99 = $.10/gal
$100-$149.99 = $.20/gal
$150-$199.99 = $.30/gal
$200-$249.99 = $.40/gal
$250-$299.99 = $.50/gal
$300 or more = $.60/gal
Visit for a complete listing of participating Gulf and Irving locations. By the way, did you know that you can register your Dunkin Donuts card with override to earn even more!

Get Inspired… and discover more ways to save! Each week you will receive a newsletter sharing the Recipe of the Week along with printable Shaw’s store coupons that give:

  • Extra savings on Weekly Circular Specials
  • Special Savings on the Recipe ingredients
  • Savings on Shaws brand product.

These are STORE coupons so they can be combined with manufacturer coupons for even greater savings. The coupons change on Thursdays for the sale starting Friday, so if you are shopping late in the week, make sure you print your coupons before they flip on Thursday.

Make sure to register your Shaw’s Rewards Card with Upromise to save additional money for college!


THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED – go here to see Shaws NEW Coupon policy until I update this page…
Make sure you are familiar with the coupon policy prior to shopping. you can usually see it posted on the little shelf at checkout where you slide your credit card.

DOUBLING COUPONS (see additional sections below as well):

  1. There is no minimum purchase required.
  2. Offer good on national brand manufacturer’s coupon only (Unless otherwise noted).
  3. Customer must purchase product in the size(s) specified on the coupon.
  4. Expired coupons will not be honored.
  5. ONE MANUFACTURER’S COUPON and ONE COMPANY coupon may be redeemed on the same item, providing the value of the coupon is not more than the price of the item. However, only the manufacturer’s coupon will be doubled. (If the doubling is greater than shelf price, when a coupon doubles it will double up to the regular (shelf) price of an item)
  6. Excludes milk, tobacco, and items prohibited by law.
  7. The following coupons are redeemed at face value and are not doubled:
    • Free coupons – redeemed at face value only
    • Company coupons – redeemed at face value only
    • Cigarette coupons – redeemed at face value only
    (unless prohibited by law)
    • Pharmacy coupons – redeemed at face value only
    • Store-issued Manufacturer’s. Coupons – redeemed at face value only

MANUFACTURER COUPONS: ONE manufacturer’s coupon may be accepted PER ITEM for items that are legally permitted. An example of an item not legally permitted in Massachusetts would be cigarette and tobacco coupons. Additionally, please note the following…

  1. We double valid manufacturers’ coupons with a value of up to 99 cents. Coupons over 99 cents are redeemed at face value. (e.g., 75 cent manufacturer’s coupon will be doubled to $1.50; a $1.00 manufacturer’s coupon will be redeemed at the face value of $1.00).
  2. No more than 6 like ITEMS may be purchased per customer per day using the Double Manufacturer’s Coupon offer. (this means If you have 7 coupons for 50 cents off item A, the first 6 will double to $1.00 and the seventh will only take off 50 cents.)
  3. Redemption may not exceed the value of the item you are purchasing.
  4. We accept up to a total of 6 triple store coupons in any combination of Shaw’s and/or a competitor on manufacturer coupons valued up to 99 cents.
  5. Coupons excluded from doubling or tripling coupons include: coupons for cigarette and tobacco products, coupons for free items, and coupons that state “Do not double”. (some “Do not double” (DND) coupons inadvertently double, but the cashier CAN un-double them, so count yourself lucky if they do not)


  1. MANUFACTURERS’ INTERNET COUPONS follow the same restrictions stated above, as well as the following restrictions: Coupons must be printed from a computer printer (no photocopies) and MUST SCAN. We will NOT accept manufacturer internet coupons for free product (including buy one/get one free) or that have a value greater than $4.99. Altered coupons will NOT be accepted.
  2. SHAW’S INTERNET COUPONS are accepted with some restrictions. The coupons must include “Shaw’s” and must be printed from a computer printer (no photo copies). All coupon requirements must be met. Unless otherwise stated on the coupon, there is a limit of ONE COUPON for EACH TYPE per CUSTOMER. Shaw’s Internet Coupons will not exceed $10, will not be doubled or tripled, and cannot exceed the value of the item purchased. Altered coupons will NOT be accepted.

COMPETITOR COUPONS, the Shaw’s Division competitor coupon acceptance policy varies by area, district, and store. Individual Store Directors have the discretion to accept or decline these coupons on a competitive basis. Only grocery stores are considered competitors.

SHAWS no longer accepts competitor coupons. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our customer service center at 1-877-932-7948.

CATALINA COUPONS – see separate post – CATALINA’s 101

Meat Manager Markdowns – the day before the sell-by date, the meat manager will typically put peelie coupons on the meat. Get to know your store’s cycle (I find the most on Monday’s or Tuesdays after the big weekend) and look for the smallest package to get the best value.

CLEARANCE/damaged product racks – Most stores have a rack where they place damaged goods on clearance. Most times it is junk, but I have found a jumbo Pampers with a little rip for $4! I also got a dented can of Spaghettios for $0.50 – definitely worth a look!!

I hope this gives you some information to enable you to save loads on your grocery bill by shopping at Shaws/Star Market. I especially love combining store coupons, mfg coupons, and a catalina deal to save up to 80% off my grocery bill! Follow my Shaw’s/Star Market coupon match-up posts to help plan your trip for maximum savings.

Any questions, let me know so can improve this post.


  1. For those of us COMPLETELY new to coupons, could you explain which ones are mfgr coupons and which are company coupons? :)

  2. Does Shaws take printed Target coupons?

  3. Hi Lynn,

    Do you know about Shaws return policy? Can I return a product if I don’t have the receipt?



    • I work in the customer service desk at a Shaw’s store. We are very lenient with product returns and are happy to refund you for any reason. We ask that you have the item or at least it’s packaging when requesting a refund. However, if you return a product without a receipt, we will have to give you a merchandise certificate redeemable for items in the store excluding age-sensitive products. The reason we cannot refund cash without a receipt is because we do not know the payment method. For example, if the item was purchased with an EBT/ Food stamp card, it is against the law for us to give cash out. If the return is worth more than $10.00 w/o a receipt it will be subject to manager approval. I hope this is helpful for you.

  4. Regarding the save on gas portion – they will stop offering that deal at the end of Feb, 2011.

  5. I think they’ve since changed the gas rewards. Isn’t it .05 for $50 to $99 now? I’ve noticed a difference since I always relied on the rewards in this price range!

  6. Is there a particular day of the week that Shaws doubles coupons?
    Thanks for your great site!

    • They double coupons up to $0.99 everyday (unless they state DO NOT DOUBLE on them – though sometimes they slip through). Then on occasion there will be DOLLAR DOUBLERS in the flyer where they will double so many $1 off coupons.

  7. Hi! I was wondering if when they double the coupons does the register do that automatically if it’s under $0.99? Or do you have to tell the cashier?

    • Heather – the registers are programmed to automatically do it – BUT they can undo it IF it states Do Not Double on it. BUT it will only double 6 LIKE coupons – any more and they will be face value only – so split into another transaction.

  8. Shaw’s has a weekly email coupon program – sign up and get emails with Shaw’s store coupons every week! The coupons are not manufacturer coupons, so they’re perfect for stacking!

  9. Christina says:

    To further clarify Shaw’s manufacturer coupon redemption policy, I just called 1-888-431-7429 off the Shaw’s Web site.

    Not all manufacturer’s coupons are alike. I recently received via US mail two very ordinary-looking manufacturer coupon’s on a national-branded products from a competing grocery chain in my area. When I went through checkout, the cashier refused them because they contained a small logo on them from the competing chain. That logo alone bumps them from “manufacturer coupon” to “competitor coupon” under the rules listed above.

  10. Hi, I have a question about the internet coupons. I was at a store one night and the person at the checkout said there was a 5 PRINTED COUPON LIMIT (but of course she tried to claim that my coupons were fake because they were printed). Have you ever heard of this? Thanks

    • Anita, there is no limit to the amount of coupons that can be used. However you may only use one manufacture coupon and one store coupon per item. Typically the coupons will either say “manufacture coupon” or “store coupon” at the top to the left of the expiration date. Also there is a limit of six identical coupons that will be doubled. After the 6th identical coupon is scanned, they will be honored at face value. Last but not least, internet coupons worth $5.00 or more or internet coupons for free items cannot be accepted. This is only because we have been given too many fraudulent coupons that we had to change our policy. I hope this is helpful for you.

  11. Hi, I was wondering what Shaws’ policy is if there is an advertised buy one get one free sale..can you use separate coupons even for the item that is effectively free..for example, this week there is BOGOF on Lay’s potato chips. I have coupons for 55 cents off one bag..if I buy four bags..can i use four of these coupons or only two?

    • cathi – that has been store dependent and not clearly spelled out. Some allow it, some do not. There will be an official documented policy from them shortly.

  12. Do you think the grocery stores/drugstores who use “rewards cards” track everyone? Especially regarding the people that use coupons..I know I used to receive more Shaws store coupons and I wonder if I get less now because they see me using coupons all the time and figure I am saving enough money?

    • Cathi – some of it targeted to get shoppers in, so YES I do believe they see the activity on your card and send coupons to encourage people to come back. I do not think they look at coupon use, I think it is a matter of frequency of shopping and how much spent – BUT I could be wrong.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    I called my local Shaws today because I have been there many times but don’t ever remember them doubling coupons. I went through 3 people over the phone until someone could actually tell me what their policy was for doubling coupons. The woman on the other line said they’d only double six. Is this right?

    • Elizabeth – my understanding of the policy is 6 “LIKE” coupons will be doubled. They will double all your coupons as long as they are not the same coupon. There will be a documented policy from SHaws coming out shortly.

  14. trish bailey says:

    could you tell me were you found thier coupon policy? i could not find it on thier website or in store and i went to the service desk and they told me i had to go to the website lol please help because if this is a company wide policy i need to print a copy cause i have never got dobble coupons :( thans in advance for pointing me in the right direction

    • trish – This policy is from experience and what is posted at the registers – I try to keep it up to date with changes. HOWEVER, I have spoken with Shaws and a company wide policy will be PUBLISHED and available shortly. I will be receiving a copy and will post it for people to print. It will also be available on their site as well. I will let you know ASAP.

  15. Kristin says:

    Could someone please tell me if Shaws doubles $x.xx/2 or $x.xx/3 , etc. coupons? Or does it have to be off of 1 to double?

  16. says:

    shaws has recently changed the coupon policy from 6 like coupons doubled to 4 like coupons doubled….not cool

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