Story of MY Life is NOT One Direction

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Story of MY Life is NOT One Direction

When I saw One Direction perform their new song Story of My Life on X Factor I GOT THE CHILLS.  Literally got goosebumps and I think my eyes were even teary.  Not the “OMG it’s One Direction!” kind of chills that my young daughters, nieces and Paul Rudd 1D’s Biggest fan get, but the “WOW that was awesome” kind of chills.

I have always thought that even though One Direction is an over-marketed “boy band” (and what is up with Harry’s hair?), those boys can SING – and this song was a lovely, moving testament to that and so much more.  The simplicity in how they staged the performance, each of them rotating in a circle with candlelight in the background was stunningly beautiful and showcased each of their talents.

So why was I almost moved to tears?

At first I thought it was hormones of course.  I am a chick and we are always in some part of our “cycle” – pre, post, almost blah blah blah.  Then I thought it was the holidays.  I had been online almost non stop since 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  I was exhausted, feeling guilty about not spending enough time with my family – let alone on personal hygiene and even had my laptop open while I was watching.

Then I realized it was actually 2 things – an AHA and a personal disappointment all rolled into one.

My AHA Moment

To me, the performance was a reflection of ourselves… there are 5 (or more) sides to us and we need all of them to be whole.  Quietly moving in a circle round and round, gliding from one talent or situation or style to the next.  Just as One Direction or that song would not be the same without Harry or Louis… or Liam or Zane or Nile (insert your favorite HERE), neither would you be the same if you did not flex and shift into different roles.

Sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow.

Sometimes we stand out in front, sometimes we support from the background.

Sometimes we are the guardians and sometimes we are guarded.

Sometimes we dance, sometimes we sway quietly off to the side.

Sometimes we play the game, sometimes we cheer from the sidelines

Sometimes we REACH and sometimes we pull.

The elegant dance we do sashaying from role to role, feeling to feeling is the harmony of life that creates the beautiful music that is YOU.

Then I thought more and more about the lyrics and went through the phase of – THAT’s a cop out!  We all have disappointments and say – eh, story of my life… and that is what the lyrics appear to say… until I saw the official video and then knew WHY I was teary eyed.  This time I balled!  (click HERE to see it – I could not embed it but it is a MUST WATCH!)


Though the song at first listen seems like a cliche weepy love song, resolved that you never get the girl, it is so much more.  You see they are taking a look at the stories of their lives that made them who they are today and it is so very touching.

What is the STORY OF MY LIFE??  Do I even know?

A few years ago when New Years rolled around we talked about figuring out how did I get herewhat makes you happy and taking the leap..stripping back the layers to figure out who you are when no one is looking – the REAL YOU.

Well as usual life got in the way and I did not make ME a high enough priority so I slipped back into old habits.  So here we are again…personally disappointed in myself for not being present, not being in the pictures that are my life, not being ME.

Take away all the woe is me love story crap and the lyrics tell a different story…

Written in these walls are the stories that I can’t explain… You can explain the stories – these stories, pictures, memories, make you who you are today and that is wonderful.

Written on these walls are the colours that I can’t change… They say a tiger cannot change its spots, but I say you CAN change your colours… add a little RED and be BOLD, add a little cream and COMFORTING, add a little NEON GREEN and be FUN!

And I been waiting for this time to come around… What the hell have we been waiting for? SEIZE the DAY… THIS IS YOUR MOMENT… REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS!

when I die these words will be written on my stone… This is where I stumble… this is where I get choked up… this is where I draw a blank and am sad, insecure and lost.

Everyone is choosing WORD of the year instead of resolutions.  I not only have no idea what would be written on my stone, what is my WORD?

What I do know is that the STORY OF MY LIFE is NOT ONE DIRECTION!

Back in the day there was only one road or railway to our destinations.  Now we can fly, drive a million different routes – turn left, right, go round and round rotaries and back again.  Drive slow, go fast, meander around on a Sunday afternoon.

The point is WE CHOOSE the direction we take.

We can change our minds and go another way… as the GPS says “RE-CALCULATING”

Now is the time to RE-CALCULATE, change your path, shake things up if need be.

You are the AUTHOR of the Story of YOUR Life… SO WRITE IT

because the rest is still UNWRITTEN!



  1. You are amazing! I might even forgive you for being a Patriots fan:)

  2. That’s a cool idea for the video!

  3. I love this post. That is all :)

  4. Thank you for this post. I have never,ever watched a 1D performance or video. I pretty much chalked them up as another pretty boy band. I thought this song was catchy, but now I love it and will be buying it from iTunes. Bravo. Nice post.

    • Thanks Heidi. My girls have dragged me to the movie (which was actually not bad either), but I was really impressed by this song. I’m glad you liked it.


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