Staples Back-to-School 2012 Deals 7/8 – 7/14/12

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Staples Back-to-School Deals 7/8 – 7/14/12

Let the Back to School 2012 deals begin!!  Staples jumps out of the gate with the penny EXTREME deals in addition to FREE Scotch Super Glue, McAfee and desk calendar after Easy Rebates and more.  I will be back each week with a great spreadsheet comparing all the back to school deals and the lowest prices we saw last year for comparison.

You can save even more all season buy buying a Staples Back to School Savings pass for $10 which gives you 15% off everything!  To decide if it is worth it or not, do the math – if you spend MORE THAN $67 on school supplies each year you will pay for the pass ($10 is 15% savings on $67).

In addition you can save $2 instantly on binders when you recycle your old binders.  What a great deal!

I realize that not all of these things are on the official “supply lists” from the schools, but even if you do not need the penny or even $0.25 deals consider getting them to donate to those in need.

Grab this $5/$30 Staples coupon and check off items below to create your shopping list.  Make sure to check your local flyer as sometimes deals are regional.

Staples Rewards & Easy Rebates
Under $1
$1 and $2 Deals (limit 4)
Other Deals

Here are some Staples Back-to-School moneymaking scenarios this week.  You can also see other Back-to-School deals as well.


  1. I was only planning to do the extreme deals, but then figured out a scenario that I could use the $5/$30 coupon. Pay $25.02 out of pocket, submit for $26.46 in rebates. All items free plus $1.44 moneymaker!

    2 Staples paper @ 6.99 each (submit $6.74 rebate twice)
    1 HP photo paper @ 9.49 (submit 8.99 rebate)
    1 Wescott 2pk scissors @ 1.00
    1 Scotch super glue @ 3.99 (submit 3.99 rebate)
    2 Bic dry erase markers @ .50 each
    2Papermate pencils @ .25 each
    2 Roseart crayons @ .01 each
    2 Staples glue @ .01 each
    2 Bic roundstic pens @ .01 each

    Use $5/$30 coupon to pay $25.02, submit $26.46 in rebates!

    • WOOO HOOO! I was just starting to work on a scenario to post, now I will share yours – THANKS Dawn!

      I think your math is off a bit… the Scotch Super Glue is only $2.99 after instant savings…so you need another $1.

  2. Thanks Lynn! I did add the 2 erasers to make up that $1! Thanks for catching that! I just did the scenario and it worked perfectly. Just submitted $25.46 in easy rebates! WHA—HOOO!!!!!

  3. THANK YOU Dawn and Lynn for deal ideas~~~I already went to Staples twice this week. Tuesday bought the Staples paper and all 6 penny items (crayon, glue and pen). Total paid = $7.65, Rebate = $6.74, Final Cost = $0.91. Today was the best shopping day ever!

    1 Staples paper @ 6.99 each ($6.74 rebate)
    1 HP photo paper @ 9.49 (submit 8.99 rebate)
    1 Scotch super glue @ 2.99 (submit 2.99 rebate)
    2 Staples Desktop Calendar @ 4.99 (submit 4.99 rebate)
    1 Bic dry erase markers @ .50 each
    2 Roseart crayons @ .01 each
    2 Staples glue @ .01 each
    2 Bic roundstic pens @ .01 each

    Use $5/$30 coupon to pay $27.14, submit $28.70 in rebates!

    I really can’t use that many crayons and pens and glues, but will donate some to my daughter’s preschool and give some to my friends. Boy this feels great! Thanks again~~~

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