Shaw’s & Star Market CHANGES

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I am sure you have already heard the news, rumors and hub bub flying around about Shaw’s.  As you all know Super-Valu sold them earlier this year and we have yet to see many changes.  Earlier in the week I spoke with Shaw’s Director or Communications and although some of the rumors are true, not all of them are.

Starting Friday in the stores you will see a whole new look – new uniforms, signage and more.  I know I have seen my local store sprucing things up over the last few weeks (cleaning pillers, lights, etc.).


NO Shaw’s Rewards Card

The Shaw’s Rewards card is being eliminated.  They want to ensure everyone gets the low prices with or without a card.  So to simplify things they are eliminating it – consider it less weight on your key chain – LOL!  In addition there is a $0.99 Coke (12pk) coupon in the flyer you can use when you turn your card in.


If you are using SavingStar or Upromise, this is what you need to know:

If you are participating in both the Upromise and SavingStar programs, the Upromise key tag will work for both programs. If you only participate in the SavingStar program you will need to contact our customer support team at 877-932-7948. Please let our customer support team know that you use SavingStar and will need to be issued a SavingStar key tag, now that the rewards card is going away.

Please also remember that this is new for customer service as well, so be patient over the next few days as they implement.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.42.18 AM


In addition to eliminating the card, they are also reducing prices on 1000s of items!!  I am very interested to see this and it may make some of the BOGO deals a lot more attractive this week.  I am guessing the price changes will be very clear in the stores.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.41.56 AM


They will continue to double coupons.  There was a rumor this was going away, but the Director of Communication stated there were no plans to eliminate double coupons.  So double coupons on top of price reductions could mean some nice savings.

Of course time will tell, but we will check things out on Friday and in the coming weeks as they transition to the new business model.

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  1. Sarah M. says:

    Whoa. I had NO IDEA this big change was taking place.

  2. WOW!!! I used to work there, like 10 years ago, and this is a HUGE change from even then. I am really interested in seeing what items the prices drops on, and how much it drops.

  3. A message at the top of the Saving Star webpage states that they are aware the this massive change with Shaw’s, however, they are asking that those that utilize the Saving Star program hold on to their Shaw’s card so they can continue saving through this program.

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