Shaws Sales Deals & Coupon Match-up 1/28 – 2/3

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Shaws Deals 1/28 – 2/3/11

Here are the best Shaws deals I see for the week of 1/28/11.  There might be dollar doublers – I saw them appear and then disappear in the online flyer (have not gotten my hard copy yet) – let me know if you get them.

Are you new to shopping at Shaws or not sure how it all works? Make sure to read Shaws 101 and Catalinas 101 to learn how to get the most for your money!

UPDATE: The catalina works on pre-sale price, but DOES NOT DOUBLE (meaning you need to keep your $20 transactions separate).

I added MY pre-sale prices to the list – MAKE SURE YOU CONFIRM YOUR OWN!

There is also a Buy $20, get $10 catalina that claims to be calculated AFTER mfg. coupons – though it has never worked that way in the past. I will confirm as soon as I know for sure. I am still unpacking after the move so the list is in page order versus categories…

This List Has Expired
Buy $20, get $10 Catalina

What do you like at Shaws this week?

Make sure to check out my COUPON DATABASE for other coupons you may need before you shop and do not forget about the Shaws printable coupons.

This post is part of Becentsable’s Grocery Gathering.


  1. Rachel W. says:

    Oh, goodie, I do love me a sale on real food! The free mustard will go to the food pantry(maybe some other stuff, too.) and cheap Barilla and Sorrento mean a lot of baked ziti for the freezer. I’ll get 8 Boston Market frozen dinners for emergency lunches for my husband. And I guess we will finally restock my daughter’s beloved Skippy Superchunk.
    I am very curious to find out about PSP and, especially, if they are enforcing the “$20 after coupons” blurb.

    Lynn, hang in there with the unpacking. There is nothing like a move to make want to reevaluate your relationship to material goods!

  2. Katherine F says:

    Check out for $3/2 Sorrento Ricotta and $3/2 Sorrento Mozzarella printables! You need a UPC to login and print these, here is the one I used (it is not a one-time-use code but a UPC from an actual product so it should work for others): 074030056108. This is going to be an amazing deal…I hope!

  3. Hi Lynn,

    FYI the .75/4 Yoplait coupon link is not working.

    Your site is great, thanks for all you do!

  4. thank you very much, great coupons!

  5. my mozeralla coupon is printed but it has no bar code,its a plain printed strip stating save $ 3 on two mozeralla
    will this coupon work

    • Fareeha – I am not sure?? My printer is not hooked up yet, so I cannot print one to see. They MAY NOT accept it… Anyone else get the same thing on theirs??

      • I was able to print it twice and they both had barcodes so I’m going with no it won’t work.
        Maybe try a new code here’s another that’s never been used: 07403010285

  6. Hi,

    There’s also a .70/1 raisin bran coupon at that could make for cheaper cereal

    Also, a printable French’s mustard for .50/1 on their site as well.

  7. I was just wondering about the catalina for the buy $20 get $10. I went last night and bought some sauce, tomatoes, and dunkin donuts coffee pre-sale price was 20.50 and I did not have any coupons. I did not get the 10.00 catalina :( So I asked if I could return everything and add on another 3 dollars since the sale price was $17 and some change. She said okay and my BF went and grabbed another jar of sauce and box of brownies… still no catalina. Since we had another transaction that we wanted to use the 10.00 off she just took the 10.00 off the other transaction. I was just wondering if you had any idea why this would not have worked??

    • Michelle – occasionally there are some UPC’s that do not work. I think I read on the forums that there may be an issue with the Dunkin Donuts coffee. IF you ever do not get the catalina you can always contact Catalina Marketing directly and if you did qualify they will send it to you.

  8. Hello. This may have been addressed and I missed it,I am very sleepy lol.However, I read somewhere that the $10 OYNO will print in your total BEFOre coupons is $20.00. Meaning it can go below $20 and still get the $10.CAT…. Does this make any sense?

    • Yes Heather – if you buy the correct products, the $20 is calculated BEFORE coupons and actually uses shelf-price (or pre-sale price) not sale price. However, if you happen to buy one wrong item and your pre-total falls below $20, customer service cannot help you since the flyer states AFTER coupons.

  9. Nice Kleenex deal too! .99 110 ct box, used a $1/5 MQ and a doubler. And I got a $1 Catalina!!!! Made up for missing the Walgreens deal last week.

  10. fyi the soft scrub did not produce a catalina

    • soft scrub and breyers ice cream did not produce catalina. Grocery still gave me $10 off my next order. the clerk tried to produce a coupon with I can’t believe its not butter and that didn’t work either. This was in Carver.

    • I did hear that many of the soft scrubs were an issue.

  11. Yeah!!! I’ve done the catalina deal six times so far.
    Transactions #1-#4
    2 bottles of Arm & Hammer Detergent – $7.98
    2 bottles of Soft Scrub (not the Total product, just regular bottle) – $5.00
    Less coupons:
    $1/2 Arm & Hammer
    2 – $.50/1 Soft Scrub – doubled to $1.00
    after coupons – $9.98+tax – got back $10 CAT = free!
    the green bottle of arm & hammer and the total soft scrub did not produce a cat, not sure which one caused it though…
    Transactions #5-6
    12 cans del monte tomatoes
    1 box of brownie mix
    no coupons, total = 10.48 – got back $10 cat = $.48 cost
    I think my psp on this probably overshot the $20, but I had two kids with me and couldn’t do the math in my head so I grabbed the brownies to make sure I was over.
    I hope this helps other shoppers!
    Thank you Lynn… love this site!!

    • Terry – WOO HOO!! I am hoping to grab some arm & hammer today! I hear ya on the kids and math in my head – happens to me all the time – LOL!

  12. Terry,
    Are you using the CAT you get from each trasaction toward the next transaction? I’m curious if this deal is rolling fine?

  13. Who got dollar doublers? We did not in Cohasset and Weymouth. One time I got them in a nearby town totally by accident, I would love to cash in on them somewhre on the south shore. TIA

    • Suzanne – unfortunately the doublers are not everywhere – if I find a list of stores I will let you know. In the meantime – IF anyone else got doubles… let us know!

      • Hi Lynn! I just moved to Portsmouth, RI & am completely new to shopping at Shaw’s! Your site has helped me tons and I love it but I’m confused as to what doublers are?!

  14. I shop in Concord NH and we got doublers. All the flyers by the door when you walk in have them as well. Haven’t had a chance to use them yet, but I will!

  15. I went to shaws sat and I got enough stuff for the cat at $20 psp but the cat didn’t print out. The manager said it was because I only spent $11.21 (sale price). She did tell me I wanted to go back and get pretty much double what I got that she would push the cat through for me. but I found it interesting, this was the 1st time I have ever had a cat not work on psp at shaws.

    • Jen – it does work on PSP, BUT there are a few of the advertised items that are not working. The Soft Scrub Total does not work, the Dunkin Donuts coffee does not work and there may be a couple others. What did you buy?

      • Ha, just read an earlier post and it was a math in my head thing! I’m bummed because I got a bunch of pasta, sauce and paste, thought I had the amount right in my head. Got to the register and when I didn’t get the cat the girl said it was because I only spent $11.21. So she told me to go get $9 more which I did and she pushed the cat out for me. I just looked at my receipt and I spent more like $18 psp so it didn’t trigger. I didn’t realize until now. I really only needed to spend $2 not $9 – oh well. If I’m really motivated maybe I’ll go return some pasta – is it worth it? Likely I won’t.

        • Just a tip. When ever I am rolling Catalina deals, I make sure I work all the transactions out before hand and write them down. Transaction #1, Transaction #2 etc. I even write down what my OOP should be for each transaction. That way I have no surprises :)

  16. Great Matchups as usual! And I love your list feature, especially the new addition of being able to add notes and my own items. Great work and congrats on the move! I am hoping to do the same in the near future!

  17. All this snow has hampered my efforts to get these catalina’s, but I’m in Manchester, NH and got the doublers in my flier. I work in Concord, NH and they had fliers with the doublers right as you come through the door, so you know I grabbed about five extras! Still trying to get caught up clipping coupons from this week’s haul in the Sunday paper, but a much needed snow day (which NEVER happens in my line of work) tomorrow should solve that! Now if I can just get the snow to clear out in the afternoon so I can sneak in another trip, that’d be awesome! *L*

  18. Okay I’m feeling really stupid… so if I want to do the spend $20 and get $10 catalina offer do I look at the shelf price and not the sale price? So if I’m gonna buy 4 jars of skippy do I look at the original price or the $2 each price? Also if I use my $1/2 coupons do I calculate that in to the $20 as well. sorry for sounding stupid this morning.

    • Michelle – as long as you are sure you have included items (Dunkin Donuts and some of the Softsrcub is not working) You can use shelf price without coupons to calculate your $20. However keep in mind that if it does not print, customer service will not be able to help you as they will use sale price and note that the flyer says after coupons.

  19. Does anyone know if the Sugar Free Cake mix for the $20/$10?

  20. Hi Lynn…LOVE your site! I just started couponing ALOT a couple of weeks ago, but I’m figuring it out as I go. This deal was a surprise lol. I bought the 4/$10 GM cereal w/free gal milk deal. Gave $3.60 in coupons and a $2 GM catalina from prev wk of GM cereal. I needed a 5th box of cereal to use it,so I did. I knew I had to keep milk under $4.50 to be free as stated. We ONLY use organic dairy…so, I thought I may be able to pay the dif…but it don’t work that way. So I spent $12.50 for the deal and $5.69 for the gal whole organic milk =$18.19 minus 3.60 GM Q and $2 GM catalina = $12.59 which is $2.59 ea box/with no free milk! Urgg! LOL. But here is the kicker…I got my GM cereal cat back PLUS a $4.50 cat for 1 gal milk from GM! (the milk not purchased in their deal) I mean really…how many aren’t grabbing the FREE milk to find this out? (It reads SAVE $4.50 on 1 gal milk) so if I go get only my gal of organic milk in single transaction @ $5.69+use my $4.50 cat=$1.19 Then transaction #2 do same 4/$10 again, same way, the two cats should keep rolling and spitting out the same two?…My deal for cereal/organic milk now is=$6.90 after Q+CAT for cereal + $1.19 milk after CAT={$8.09 @ $2.02box/free milk (or) $5.69 milk/$.48box! however you see it} I have to buy a gal at regular price for each deal, then my cheap milk separate after…(always pay almost full price anyway/this is extra frozen milk for me) can be confusing :/ Does this sound right? Am I missing something? Sounds like I have almost found a good deal :) Any better deals for organic milk ever?

  21. Okay so I am still confused. Can I spend $20.00 get the $10.00 back and use that $10.00 towards my next purchase of $20.00 and get $10 back again?

  22. Thank you so much!!

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