Shaws: FREE Frosted Toast Crunch cereal

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Nichole just confirmed at Shaws that in addition to the FREE Multigrain Peanut Butter Cheerios, you can also get FREE Frosted Toast Crunch.

Frosted Toast Crunch $1.99
Save $5 instantly wyb 10 General Mills items
$0.75/1 General Mills Frosted Toast Crunch Cereal – no longer available
$0.75/1 General Mills Frosted Toast Crunch Cereal  – no longer available
FREE after coupon doubles wyb 10 items

Thanks Nichole!

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  1. I don’t see coupons for Froasted Toast Crunch , are they already gone ?

  2. Those coupons have been gone for DAYS, not sure why they were posted…

    • they were posted to remind people they were available – I realized after I posted that they were no longer there and forgot to add the no longer available, which I am doing now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  3. Shaws only double up to 1$

    • They double coupons that are up to $0.99 up to the price of the item. So if you had a $0.99 coupon, it would double to $1.98 as long as it is not more than the price of the item.

  4. Well that changes everything 😉
    Thanks I mis read that some time ago, glad I dont go there very often Id be kicking my own butt

  5. Just got back from shaws spent 5.00 for 6 boxes of cereal and 4 boxes of cereal bars and .50 cents on 10 boxes of cereal. Got 16 boxes of cereal and 4 boxes of cereal bars….they missed 2 of my coupons and some of my coupons were 1.oo/1 ‘s … but for 5.50 I can’t complain! wooohoooo!

  6. Does anyone know what other cereals are included?

  7. Peanut butter cheerios ,Dulce de Leche cheerios, Multi grain cheerios, Frosted Cinnamon Toast Crunch, coco puffs, golden grahms , there may be a few I missed…and sorry for bad spelling all that shopping today got me tired! :p

  8. This sale is looking better and better – I only wish I actually NEEDED cereal, LOL. Can never pass up free cereal though. I have a question. I have coupons that make several of the boxes better than free. Will the $5 deduct from 10 items in total so that the overage from the cereal purchase would be applied to the remainder of a Hamburger helper purchase, for example? I’m trying to figure out the best way to work this. If I wanted to do more than 10 items, would it be safer for me to do them as two separate purchases of 10 to get the $5 deduction both times?

  9. Just looking at what I typed and I’m not sure I explained that well. We tend to calculate this sale as .50 off every item purchased. 1.99 PB Cheerios less 1.60 cpns =.39 Will Shaws deduct the cpns and then deduct $5 off the total order, so that my overage from one item is applied to another, if you know what I mean! Or will it take the $5 off before the cpns and then not let not apply the total of the cpns plus doubling?

    • I understand what you are saying and I have not done it yet so it depends on how the new registers ring it up. If it is a $5 off at the bottom, then the coupon may double like normal. IF it takes $0.50 off each item, then my guess is the register would adjust the doubling to the price of the item.

    • Nichole McKinnon says:

      Sandy–my receipt show’s example. $1.99 minus $5 GM deal = $1.49 and the coupons are at the bottom all $.75 doubled properly. It’s weird b/c some cereals became $1.57 and some were lower $1.39….not really sure why that happened. Anyway, to answer your question, my overage went towards the cereal bars I bought. They did not take $5 off at the end, it was showing on each and every box–so if you’re only buying “free” cereal you might lose the overage? Hope that helps a little.

  10. Thanks for the answers, guys. I went to three different Shaws in RI and there wasn’t a box of peanut butter Cheerios, Frosted Toast Crunch or Dulce de Leche left on the shelves. I should have just asked for rainchecks but I’m holding out silly hope that the shelves might get restocked before the sale ends. I hate when this happens, I was so psyched to go shopping – and we don’t have that many Shaws left around, RI is more of a Stop and Shop state.

  11. Just wanted to update, since my Shaw’s restocked their shelves, to say:

    1. Yippee! The $5 deducts off the total order, so if you have the .80/1 cpns, you make .11 cents on those boxes of cereal. The .75 cpns are .01 moneymakers so you can get your cereal for free, and use the overage towards the already cheap prices of the other GM products

    2. I did buy 20 items and I asked in advance whether it would deduct $10 in one order. They weren’t sure and advised me to split the order in two to be safe so I still don’t know if that would have calculated ok.

    3. No Dulce de Leche in my store, unfortunately.

    4. Be careful with the Fiber One bar pricing. I was charged $3.99 instead of the sale price of 2.49, yet the item counted towards my 10 items. I think maybe the 90 calorie bars aren’t on sale. I dont know if it was my fault or theirs. I got 8 boxes of cereal, 8 Hamburger Helpers, 2 Totinos, 1 Lucky Charm Bar and 1 Fiber One bar for $9, but it could have 7.50 without the Fiber One snafu and it would have been almost $0 if I’d just stuck to cereal and could have used the Dulce de Leche cpns.

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