Shaws Deals & Coupon Matchup 3/16 – 3/22/12

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Shaws/Star Market Deals 3/16 – 3/22/12

Shaws is sad, sad, sad this week.  There are a few good deals like the chicken breast for $1.99/lb that I desperately need, but a very slow week.

Are you new to shopping at Shaws or not sure how it all works? Make sure to read Shaws 101 and Catalinas 101 to learn how to get the most for your money!

There is a pick 4 for $10 sale on the last page, but honestly these prices are NOT a deal.  I got so depressed doing the matchups I could not bear to go on and did not include these yet.  I may possibly add a few later, but most are close to regular price and have been on sale MUCH cheaper in the past.
Check off the items below to create your own personal shopping list:

This List Has Expired
Meat & Seafood
Deli & Prepared Foods

What do you like at Shaws this week?

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Make sure to check out my COUPON DATABASE for other coupons you may need before you shop and do not forget about the Shaws printable coupons.

This post is part of Becentsable’s Grocery Gathering.


  1. There is a $1.00 Charmin coupon in the P&G Have you tried this yet? mailer.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love the European cucumbers, I can not stand the seeds in the regular ones. They are usually on sale at Market Basket for 99 cents though, I would not pay $1.50 for them.

    • Thanks Elizabeth – I cut out the seeds for my kids as well, but I would not want to pay $1.50 either – LOL!

      • I also don’t peel the European cucumbers and my daughter eats them sliced. I agree $1.50 is on the high side. I usually pay $1 for them. But I prefer them to regular cucumbers too.

  3. There are also new saving star coupons for shaws products. Three different ones

  4. Jacqueline says:

    The Yoplait’s on the back page are 2/4. There is a .75 yoplait coupon that would make them .50 each. I think that and the chicken might be the only thing on my shopping list this week.

    Thanks for all your help

    • ooh – see it was so painful, I forgot about that coupon – LOL! I will add it – THANKS!

      • Jacqueline says:

        LOL, I don’t think any of the stores have anything great this week. Bummer, but that’s okay I stocked up on frozen stuff at Stop and Shop last week. :-)

  5. The “any ” hummus $2.50 may be a good deal if Shaw’s has the new Marzetti hummus. There was a $1/1 in SS on 03/04 I think. It will only be $1.50.

  6. Patricia says:

    Don’t forget that Barilla pasta is free after the $1 off coupon.

  7. lyndaprior says:

    popular websites like Printapons and retail me not has coupons for pretty much any shopping site I’ve gone to most of the coupons are valid drops down with coupons without me having to search for them

  8. The Barilla $1 q is for the Barilla Plus, which is NOT on sale…bummer

  9. The Barilla coupon I printed was for whole grain pasta. Those are included in the sale. I picked up two free packages of spaghetti yesterday.

  10. The cashier wouldn’t take my barilla Q, first she said “You can’t use this, it will make the pasta free, you can’t get anything for free” Then she said it was printed “too light” the head cashier agreed that they could not accept “Light” coupons. She passed it over the scanner once, supper quick and wouldn’t even try to use the handheld scanner, it didn’t scan so I was out of luck. I even printed it in color to save myself the “thats a photocopy, it would be in color if you printed it” hassle. At least there is another shaws I can hit today, I was in too much of a rush to dig my heals in and insist.

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