Shaws Deals & Coupon Matchup 2/10 – 2/16/12

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Shaws/Star Market Deals 2/10 – 2/16/12

Shaws has Pick 4 meat for $19.99 back this week in addition to breakfast deals and a Buy $15 Dove/Degree, get $5 catalina.

Are you new to shopping at Shaws or not sure how it all works? Make sure to read Shaws 101 and Catalinas 101 to learn how to get the most for your money!


In addition to the Pick 4 Meat deal, there is a FREE Rotisserie Chicken when you buy 10 Knorr sides and FREE grapefruit when you buy Ocean Spray Grapefruit Juice.

Make sure to let me know about any catalina announcements you have seen.  Also check your game ticket coupon stash for more savings – there is no way I can keep track of all those to include in the matchup.

Check off the items below to create your own personal shopping list:

This List Has Expired
PICK 4 Meat for $19.99
Meat & Seafood
Deli & Prepared Foods
Buy $15 Dove or Degree, get $5 oyno

What do you like at Shaws this week?

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Make sure to check out my COUPON DATABASE for other coupons you may need before you shop and do not forget about the Shaws printable coupons.

This post is part of Becentsable’s Grocery Gathering.


  1. I do not see the Hunt’s printable coupons on the Hunt’s site from your link. Where exactly are they located on the Hunt’s site? Thanks

  2. It looks like the Hood Coupons aren’t working right now either

  3. For the Muellers pasta, if you sign up on their website you can get 1.00 off coupon or 55 cents off. Possibly making it free pasta! It is a PDF file they send you when you register your email with them.

    • The Muellers pasta only is printing .55 cents off, but it says NO DOUBLING on it :(

      • Even though it says no doubling sometimes they double any way, also it is up to the cashier whether they double it or not! I have not tired it yet but I am hoping it will double! Still very cheap pasta!

  4. If anyone is heading over to Shaws today 2/9, just got 8 free yocrunch Greek yogurts ( well for $0.59 but that’s very close to free)!!!! They are b-1-g-1 free this week (2/1.39) combined with 2 printable $1/3 and one clipped $1/2 then I got a $2 cat for buying 8!!!!!! Even without coups it would only be $0.44 a piece wich is unbelievable for Greek yogurt. I know it’s last minute but hopefully some one can rock this deal like I did today!!!!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Just wanted to let you know that my locals store’s flyer (Dartmouth, MA) has the rotiserrie/pasta sides deal a little different. The chicken is not free, but $0.99. I like your deal better!

  6. Ok I have a question. Sorry Im super confused about a coupon I have. It states “save 70c on any one kellogg’s pop tarts toaster pastries and/or kelloggs poptarts mini crisps”. Does this mean I have to buy pop tarts and the minis in order to save or I could just buy the mini to save? This is the first coupon to really confuse me.. lol

  7. Lynn, all kinds of .70 cereal coupons on Hopefully they are all included in the 4/$8 sale! Also, there is a .70 coupon for pop-tarts which are also included! Gotta love low price cereal to donate! :)

  8. Nichole McKinnon says:

    Just got back from Shaw’s. Unfortunately the new Krave Kellogs is no included in the deal, however, they’re on “sale” for $2.99. The Mueller $.55 pasta coupons (when you sign up) are working just fine!

  9. In Maine, the rotisserie chicken is 0.99 too, when you buy the 10 sides. There is also a tiny picture of Pepsi by the chicken, stating that you get a free 1 or 1.5L pepsi when you buy the chicken. Haven’t been in to check it out myself, but looks promising:)

    • YES – the pepsi (1L) are always FREE when you get a Rotisserie Chicken – I should have added that. THANKS

      • So that does that mean if you buy the 10 Knorr Sides and get the chicken free you can still get the pepsi free or is that only if you BUY the chicken? So confused LOL

        • You should be able to get the FREE Pepsi as well.

          • You always get the Pepsi with a chicken. The chicken deal depends on your store, if your store carries the 40 oz. chicken it would be the $.99,(regually $6.99) if your store carries the 34 oz, $4.99 chicken it will be free.

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