Shaw’s Deals & Coupon Matchup 1/4 – 1/10/13

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Shaws/Star Market Deals 1/4 – 1/10/13

Here are the Shaw’s deals for the week of 1/3/13.  There are a few potential freebies as well as new Gotta Love Great Deals items which appear to be in all stores, but check your local flyer to be sure.

Are you new to shopping at Shaws or not sure how it all works? Make sure to read Shaws 101 and Catalinas 101 to learn how to get the most for your money!

There are also some exclusive savings when you purchase 5 Gotta Love Great Deals items.  All coupons expire 1/24/13.

  • Save $2.50 on any Culinary Circle® products, when you buy FIVE (5) Gotta Love Great Deals items
  • Save $2.50 on any Equaline™ products, when you buy FIVE (5) Gotta Love Great Deals items
  • Save $1.50 on any Essential Everyday™ products, when you buy FIVE (5) Gotta Love Great Deals items
  • Save $2.00 on any Wild Harvest® products, when you buy FIVE (5) Gotta Love Great Deals items

You can find all the Gotta Love Great Deal items HERE or on page 3 of the flyer.


  1. Found an even better coupon for the General Mills deal. has .85/1 cpns for Fiber One and Multi Grain or PB Cheerios. After those double, and the Savings Star money is added in, it’s more than free!

  2. There is some awesome deals this week along with catalinas. I got a $2 off my next order for buying four nature valley bars and $1 off my next granola bar purchase. However, they would only honor 1 web special coupon for every five gotta love deals. So you would have to buy 10 gotta love deals to use for example the wild harvest and culinary circle web special coupons

    • Here is a response from Dan on Facebook about only using one web special coupon for every 5 gotta love deals:

      Shaw’s Supermarket Great, question, Leisha! Yes, if you are buying five great deal items, you can then use all 4 of the own-brand coupons in that transaction. So, happy savings! – Dan

      Clearly stores are confused about the policy! There are many questions on Facebook!! Maybe showing them this response on Facebook will help :)

      • On the website it says “LIMIT ONE COUPON PER CUSTOMER PER TRANSACTION. ”
        To me it sounds like one coupon per 5 items for the “five gotta love deals”?
        Perhaps they should word it “One coupon per “five gotta love deals” or one coupon “per item” to be clear?

  3. I used 3 different web special coupons, and they didn’t give me any problems, and I just bought 5 gotta love it deal. I got the EE bagels (for free), Wild Harvest Tortilla Chips for .19 & then bought the Culinary Circle Wings that were on sale for 4.99/lb. HTH!

  4. Great catalina’s for lean cuisine this week as well,
    * $1.50 off of 6 lean cuisine with a bonus “code” for the free lunch bag that lean cuisine is giving away. 3/4/13
    * $.75 of any one Lean Cuisine Salad Additions 3/4/13

  5. Gotta Love Coupon Question – Can you print these more than once? And if so can you use them twice on the same Shaws card?

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