Shaws Deals & Coupon Matchup 11/11 – 11/17/11

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Shaws/Star Market Deals 11/11 – 11/17/11

Shaws has a huge Box Tops/General Mills catalina – Buy 10, get $5 instant savings & 25 Box Tops!  Check out all the Thanksgiving deals including the turkey for $0.49/lb.  The Wish Big, Win Big Holiday Giveaway game continues this week – have you won anything yet?

Are you new to shopping at Shaws or not sure how it all works? Make sure to read Shaws 101 and Catalinas 101 to learn how to get the most for your money!

Please double check my math on the General Mills deals – I went pretty quick, but there are some awesome deals to be had.

Check off the items below to create your own personal shopping list:

This List Has Expired
Meat & Seafood
Deli & Prepared Foods
Buy 10 General Mills, Save $5

What do you like at Shaws this week?

Never miss a deal by downloading the Maven of Savin TOOLBAR.

Make sure to check out my COUPON DATABASE for other coupons you may need before you shop and do not forget about the Shaws printable coupons.

This post is part of Becentsable’s Grocery Gathering.


  1. Freefly? Is that a spam thing or a trusted site shown?

  2. The buy 10 get $5 excites me!!! Anyone have a good plan for it?

  3. The Buy 10, get $5 is awesome, because I have some really great coupons for it! I wish I could do it multiple times but I assume I can’t?

  4. Stacy, I’m working on some deals for myself right now. I have a coupon not listed here, a $.75/1 Honey Nut Cheerio cpn that came with a free sample.
    With that I might do:
    3 Cheerios, using (2) .60/1 and (1) .75/1 (unless they have to be in multiples of 2?)
    3 Hamburger Helper, using $.75/3
    4 Progresso Soup, using $1/4
    LESS $5 wyb10 = $4.85

    Wish I had the BC potato coupon! The weird thing is I keep trying lots of different combinations and coming up with a final cost of $5.05.

  5. What zip code can I use for the Progresso coupon?

  6. I’m a bit new to this so bear with me=)..I printed coupons for a bunch of these deals and thought I turned my printer to just black ink as the colors out…But, I didn’t. The coupons are really clear EXCEPT the pictures of the items are faint. Will Shaws accept these?

  7. Shaw’s does accept stacked coupons right????

    • I know this question seems silly, but I was denied several of my coupons last night, being told by the cashier that I wasn’t able to combine the coupons that I was because I was only allowed to use one manufacturer’s coupon per item. I was using something like $1.10 off any 3 combined with $.50 of any 2. I ‘ve never been denied stacking before, but I wanted to be sure that I could.

      • NO you cannot stack! You can only use 1 coupon per item. It the coupon is $1.10/3 – that attaches to all 3 items so you cannot use another mfg coupon on those items. You can only stack a STORE coupon with a MFG coupon.

  8. more specifically I was using $.5o off any two and $.40 off any two on the pillsbury sweet rolls. i thought we were able to stack them like this…

    • No no no….you cannot do that…..if you have two coupons that each say .50/2 and .40/2 then you must buy 4 items. If you have a Shaw’s coupon that is for .50/2 and a manuf. coupon that is for .40/2 then you only have to buy 2 items as you can stack manuf with store coupons but never manuf. with manuf coupons…’s actually illegal and you can not only be fined for it, but the store does not get reimbursed for one of those coupons by the manuf. and then you have technically stolen from the store. these are just some of the couponing 101 rules everyone should be clear on before starting to coupon. Not your fault…but please research as no one wants you to get into any trouble :)

  9. What does the ‘bonus ticket item’ mean?

    • dani – They are doing a McDonalds Monopoly game right now called Wish Big, Win Big giveaway – click on the link at the top of the post and you can read more about it. When you purchase those items you will get an extra ticket for the game.

  10. April Murray says:

    Jessica- the only stackable coupon is a store + manufacturor coupon. If you were to use both of those coupons you would need to have 4 sweet rolls in your cart. But that’s not considered stacking.

  11. Hi,
    Muriel Glen Organic diced tomatoes (or paste of course) were on sale until 11/24 for about 1.19.
    0.75c coupon available only a couple of days ago if you printed. Look around for it.
    FREE plus overage since my cashier just does doubles and does not adjust for the item max price.

    This stuff is great! Got some from whole foods with their stacking but you really can’t beat free!

  12. Thanks for the tip, Ana, I have that coupon.
    I have a question about “like” cpns. Let’s say I have (5) .50/1 Honey Nut Cheerios – I know I can only use four of them. But can I also use the .60/1 and .75/1? Or do they mean only four coupons total for Honey Nut Cheerios?

  13. I see this string has kept you busy today. Pasta Prima still has a Q on their FB page. I think they just keep it on there and let each address reset once a month. Anyway, BOGO = a great no effort fresh pasta meal. FYI. (Hopefully Mass. ha it on BOGO too)

  14. Thanks for the tip. Checked my local add at it is also BOGO in MA. Do you know how much these run normally? I am trying to combine a 5 off 25 Shaw’s coupon and would like to plan my trip.

    Also can you use two manufacture coupons on BOGO deals (one for each item?)

  15. No one had confirmed as to whether we could double and triple up in one shopping trip and receive all the $5 instant savings. I tripled it up and bought 30 GM products in one trip and received $15 off and 105 box tops! Woohoo! I love this time of year and the shopping to be had! (my coupons in NH were all $1 coupons so the savings was smaller in some instances especially when I received $1/3 or $1/4 instead of .75/2 but I still saved 60% off my entire shopping trip and I had other normal grocery items in my loot too!)

    • YAY!! Thanks for the confirmation – I thought it would work that way…

      • I just came on before I headed out to see if anyone had tried… i was to chicken to try ! everything i get this week is going to my local food panty (okay im going to keep a couple of brownie mixes LOL) so i’m really trying to make it worth my while when i go…. my shaws is 5 minutes away.. i’m a lucky girl!

  16. Awhile back there was a $0.75 off WYB $5 WW Meals coupon. They’re 2/$5 at Shaw’s (Refrigerated meals), so it’s like $1.75/meal when doubled if my hasty math is correct.

  17. I’m a bit preplexed over the GM CAT. I bought 10 items, received the 10 Box Tops CAT but did not see the instant $5 savings listed on my receipt. Did anyone else encounter this? I am now wondering if the $5 savings is already built into the sales price listed on the flyer. Can anyone confirm before I head back to the customer service desk at Shaws? :-)

    • I have not done it yet and some registers have changed… BUT you should either see a $5 “coupon” or discount that says GM somewhere – OR under each product you should see the price, any coupons and if they did spread it out, you would see $0.50 off each item…

      • I just returned from Shaws and they did give me $5 back. My store manager said that this has been happening alot and most likely one of the GM items (my guess is one of the 8 cans of Progresso soup) I bought is not part of the CAT promotion- even though it rung up with the correct sales price and was listed in the flyer. All in all it worked out well because he told me that he won 750 Box Tops last week and was unclear how to redeem them. I’m having our PTO coordinator pick them up tomorrow!!!

  18. I have no questions now, but I did learn a lot from all these questions! What a great site!

  19. If I have a $5 off of $25 Shaw’s coupon but do the GM $5 instant savings and the Thomas muffing B1G2 deal, do I have to buy 25$ after the B1G2 and Instant $5 comes off? Or would the full price of all 3 muffins and the GM items be included in the price to get me to $25?

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