Shaws Deals & Coupon Match-up 4/1 – 4/7/11

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Shaws/Star Market Deals 4/1 – 4/7/11

Shaws is having a STOCK UP SALE this week – though the prices are OK, but not HOT. BUT there are 4 DOLLAR DOUBLERS available on their facebook page on Friday morning.  The Friday Fish deals continue at Shaws with Wild Boneless Alaskan Cod Fillets and you can also get FREE Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes. There is a NEW P&G insert coming this week, so you may want to check out the P&G products.

Are you new to shopping at Shaws or not sure how it all works? Make sure to read Shaws 101 and Catalinas 101 to learn how to get the most for your money!

You can also get a $5/$50 Shaws coupon from Recyclebank.

5 Dollar Friday – UNO’s 9 inch Deep Dish Pizza

Check off the items below to create your own personal shopping list – you can also add your own items when you print! Let me know any great deals you find I may have missed!

This List Has Expired
Deli/Prepared Foods
Meat & Seafood

What do you like at Shaws this week?

Make sure to check out my COUPON DATABASE for other coupons you may need before you shop and do not forget about the Shaws printable coupons.

This post is part of Becentsable’s Grocery Gathering.


  1. The link for the BC potatoes doesn’t seem to be working

  2. Just a heads up, the $1/2 Sorrento Snack Cheese coupon you listed expired on Thursday (I had one and was bummed that I wouldn’t get to use it.) Figure you just missed it in all of the millions of things you must look at to get these things out to us:)

  3. Amie P. says:

    I think the 12pk of Snapple is a pretty good deal! There was a $1 printable coupon alittle while back, so it comes out to .33 for each bottle! Not bad, and a great little treat for me!

    • Any idea if that’s 12 glass or plastic?

      • Well I went in tonight and they had little signs up stating they put the wrong photo in the ad, so it’s the plastic bottles, so the coupon wont work cause it says glass bottles. But someone must be using them cause the shevles were cleared of the plastic ones. Hmmm..would have been a good deal esp. with the dollar doublers.

  4. I just downloaded the Dollar Doublers from Facebook. Thanks for the link!

  5. can’t seem to find the target lean cuisine coupon????

  6. I have a question: there is a Land o Lakes deal 9.99 for 48 oz. I am assuming this is deli cheese? Can we use 3 of the Land o Lakes 1/1 lb deli cheese?

    And I also saw that Elio’s pizza is 2/5 and there is a $1/2 in last weeks paper.


    • April – I am not sure how that will work – I was going to try and see how they were selling the 3 lbs?? Not sure if it is sliced or one big block. THANKS for the Ellios coupon – totally missed that one!

    • You can have the deli split the packages for you!

  7. Michelle says:

    I also found that there is a $1/1 any Barber Foods product available at and a $1/1 any Alexia Foods product at I believe you can use both and 2 dollar doublers to score both products for 5.99. Personally, I think this is a pretty awesome deal. Yummy!!

  8. Michelle F. says:
  9. Valerie says:

    In my flyer the Elios is 99 cents a box :-) so with the $1/2 and double dollar coupon 2 boxes Free???

  10. I’m not impress with Shaw’s not having their advertised items in stock. I wanted to get Digiorno’s pizza deal because of the high coupon value received, but the items weren’t even offered at the store. They don’t carry them even though the ad clearly states they sell them. Is this false advertisement to get people to the store? Plus you can’t even rain check it because they don’t carry it.

  11. My Driscoll’s coupon says no doubling permitted.

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