Rite Aid +UP Rewards & coupon clarification

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There are NOW many ways to save money at Rite Aid and it may be getting a little confusing for us as well as the cashiers.  There are manufacturing coupons, in-ad coupons, video values coupons, wellness coupons, single check rebates and NOW +UP Rewards.  I will explain +UP Rewards in a minute, but wanted to answer the never ending questions about stacking coupons.

We all know you can stack a manufacturing coupon with a STORE coupon.  BUT how many “STORE” coupons can we use?  Rite Aid store coupons can sometimes be confusing because they sometimes say mfg coupon on top, BUT if they are coded RC###, they are STORE coupons.  Most in-ad coupons and all Video Values coupons are considered STORE coupons.  Luckily for us, Rite Aid has given us some concrete clarification in this upcoming weeks sales flyer:

photo courtesy of ForTheMommas

So there you have it, you CAN use an IN-AD coupon AND a Video Values coupon for the same product – these along with a manufacturer coupon.  You may want to cut this out of the flyer when you get it and hang onto it in your coupon file to help “clarify” things for cashiers who may not understand.  ~ thanks ForTheMommas

This week also marks the start of the +UP rewards. These are CRT coupons that will print out when you buy certain products and use your wellness card. These +UP rewards can be used on your next purchase for anything (think extra-care bucks). They DO have an expiration date, so do not forget to use them. There also appears to be no limit on to the number of +UP rewards you can get, BUT you may need to do them in separate transactions.  I will update you more as we better understand the system.


  1. Brittinee says:

    So the Up+ rewards are kind of like Register rewards at Walgreens? Sorry we don’t have a CVS in my area so I don’t know what extra care bucks are. Thanks in advance :)

    • YES except they are not counted as a mfg coupon (as far as I know) and you can use them on anything. AND I am fairly sure they can roll.

  2. Coupon King says:

    That means say “goodbye” to single check rebates, a la Walgreens. It’s been a nice run. Countless free items for over 10 years!

    • Coupon King – you are probably right :(, but hopefully the +UP will be user friendly (roll, used on anything, not counted as a mfg coupon) UNLIKE Walgreens RR!

  3. I tried to use my +up rewards today that I earned from the Pampers and Old Spice products on sale this week. According to the manager at my local Rite Aid, +up rewards may only be used on the products that you used to earn them.

    • THAT is not true – they say on ANY purchase. They are having nation wide computer issues that is making them not scan properly. So there is a lot of confusion out there. May take a bit for everyone to get used to them, BUT THEY CAN BE USED ON ANY purchase!

  4. Does anyone know if you can use more than one UP reward in a single transaction? Can you use more than one UP reward on one item?

    • Pam – I unfortunately have not used any yet – BUT my understanding is that you can – however, they are new to stores so we may find differing opinions as the system rolls out and the employees get trained.

  5. I have used more than one up reward in one transaction! I really am LOVING this new program! I can’t wait to use my three dollar up reward from the motrin and roll it into the john frieda deal next week!! Hopefully they don’t change the limit on the rewards anytime soon!

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