Rite Aid: Pampers double dip – $3.49 each

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There is confirmation of a Pamper’s UPR double dip at Rite Aid through 3/6/12 ONLY!

This week Pamper’s are part of the Buy $30 P&G, get $10 UPR. However they are also part of the Buy $25. get $5 UPR monthly deal valid through 3/6/12 so here is your deal.

HERE IS THE WARNING!!!!  Though many have reported that the deal is working when you purchase only 3 Pamper’s @ $9.99 = $29.97, my experience at MY Rite Aid is that it will not trigger unless you meet $30.  SO purchase 3 at your own risk – LOL!

4 Pampers jumbos $9.99 = $39.96
– $6 using (4) $1.50/1 Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry or $1.50/1 Pampers Swaddlers
$33.96, get $5 UPR (thru 3/6 only) and $10 UPR = $18.96 = $4.74 each

If you want to try the 3 Pampers, it will be $3.49 each… if you do not get the $10 UPR, you can always buy the additional one which should then trigger the UPR.

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  1. I just did this at the RA in Pelham, NH and got both the $5 and $10 RR. I only bought 3. I will say that they are starting to get low, at least in the higher sizes. My son is a size 6 and this morning I went to the RA in Hudson, NH and they only had 1. I wasn’t sure if it would track on the receipt and took the chance with the Pelham store and luckily got the last 3 of the size 6.

  2. It works!!!!!! I just left rite aide
    Buy (3) pampers jumbo packs
    Use (3) $1.50/1 coupons
    Get back 15 up+
    Spent $25.47 oop got 15 up+ back
    = $10.47 total or $3.49 each!!!!!!!!

  3. heather b. says:

    hi – i’m new at some of the deal-hunting. i do have a rite-aid wellness card. at what point do you know if the upr has been triggered? after everything’s been scanned or after you pay? if you did need the 4th bag, would you likely have to purchase separately? how would they know if you’d already purchased something toward the upr? thx for any guidance :)

    • Heather – it seems to be triggering at 3… however, you will not know until you complete your purchase. If it does not print you can just buy another one. Your total is tallied based on your wellness card, so it keeps track.

  4. I was able to trigger the extra ups with only 3 packs -BUT – my coupons didn’t scan. The cashier refused to put them through because the picture was a box … However there was no size restriction listed. I could have probably talked to a manager but I had 2 kids with me and just wanted to get out of there.

  5. i just went to rite aid , the coupon of $1.50 for pampers dry or cruiser that i printed are not being accepted coz it’s only good for the pampers box , u need to buy just the jumbo packs .The swaddlers coupons are only good for newborn to size 2, so u can really used them in combination with the other coupons.,unless u have a newborn and a one n a half year old baby which is impossible. So i end up buying four jumbo packs without any coupons and it’s not alot of savings though…please tell everyone with regards to this…

    • Joy – there was no size restriction on the coupon so they should have accepted them. BUT unfortunately it is their right to refuse any coupon if it does not scan properly.

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