Rite Aid: Load2Card UPDATE

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So have you started using the Load2Card for your Rite Aid +UP Rewards?  Today was my first try and I quickly found out that they were NOT clear how things work.

Although Rite Aid Load2Card FAQ’s are now conveniently missing from the website now, they clearly stated…

+UPRs are deducted from total purchase after coupons, wellness+ discount and wellness+ restricted items have been deducted.

However, that is not EXACTLY what takes place.

You all may have already known this, but I have not shopped at Rite Aid for a while so this was my first time.

Earlier in the week I headed in to get my 4 Rite Aid santizers.  Of course they were out of stock but they said they were coming on Friday.  So I got my 2 Crest toothpaste and got (2) $2.99 +UPR loaded onto my card.  I figured that was good since my plan was to head back in on Friday and get the Hand Sanitizer and candy corn using my coupons and one of the UPR.

Well I went today and first of all – NO Rite Aid Sanitizer and found out it was DISCONTINUED.  I will not even get into that.  The manager did scrounge up 1 for me so this is what happened…

1 Sanitizer $1
4 Brachs candy corn $4
– $2.99 UPR
total = $2.01 – WHAT?!?!?!  How did it get that low????
– $1.50/2 coupon
$0.51 – WILL NOT ACCEPT MY OTHER $1.50/2 coupon!!


The manager was very nice and gave me $1.50 cash back. I asked about the fact that it the UPR are not supposed to come off until after all the coupons. They did not know – only that they automatically come off at the beginning if you have them. Well I was ticked and trying to figure out what I was going to do with the ones already on my card while I OPTED out of the Load2Card program. Back to the paper ones so I can control it.

When I got home I contacted Rite Aid and they said that was an error. But after clarifying, she stated…

You need to scan all coupons BEFORE you scan your wellness card.

As soon as your wellness card is scanned, any +UP Rewards that can be applied will be automatically by the highest value (not the earliest expiration). Of course I am not sure the stores know that and they are now in the habit of asking for your wellness card at the beginning of the transaction. I told them they should send out a memo.

In the meantime, you may want to opt out and get the paper +UPR or just be sure that YOU do not let them scan your wellness card before coupons.

You can read more about the Load2Card program here.


  1. Stephen Breinig says:

    Same thing happened to me earlier in the week with the sanitizer and brocks candy. I quickly opted out of the program as well. Very frustrating.

  2. How do I opt out of the program?

    • You can opt out via chat or phone with Rite Aid customer service. I’ve heard you can also opt out while you are at the register. Just tell them you want to opt out of the Load2Card program and it’s pretty quick and easy.

    • I was able to opt out in-store with no problem!

  3. Yes, The people working at RiteAid do not really know about how it works.
    i lost many ups over the last few weeks and had to call them to get them back.
    I also opted out of the program. It is not very good.

  4. so if you opt out, and you have ups on your card still, what happens to the ups still loaded? Do you loose the ups?

  5. I opted out right from the beginning when I learned that the largest up will be used first, not the one expiring first.

  6. Or you could be like me and not have your ups come off at all. I will not even start I was ticked they were very nice to send me my 14 in ups that did not come off automatically. UGH!!! I used to love rite aid but spending 25 when it should have been 10 is so annoying bc there new program did not work. I will also be opting out of the load to card unless I can get the coupons to scan before the ups are taken off. If they even come off. Make sure you double check.

  7. Linda Murphy says:

    I’m also frustrated with the program, but found if I just insist they scan my card after the coupons come off it works pretty easily. Still don’t like the fact that the older ups could expire without being used.

  8. When I opted out of the load2card option, I lost some of my UPS and no one can figure out what happened. I know the cashiers are trying their best, but I don’t think they have the information they need to do the best job, and it’s just not their fault. I think I’ll just stick to my favorite drugstore, CVS. They make it easy and inexpensive to shop with them!!

  9. I think I’ll stick with the Load2Card and make sure they scan my coupons first. I think if I just say that last time it wouldn’t accept one of my coupons because the UPR’s brought the total under that coupon and corporate said to scan coupons first. I’m thinking it will be easy. If I had a CVS in Washington I’d shop there but I had to say goodbye once I moved from California. I don’t get why CVS hasn’t made it up this way! :(

  10. tracy d. says:

    I have not shopped Rite Aid since they started the Load2Card program, the first time I tried to use it, it somehow lost one of my UPs – I was so irritated I havent shopped there since. I did not know they have an opt out option! So thankful I stumbled on this! :-)

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