Peter Pan Peanut Butter printable coupon!!

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We LOVE LOVE LOVE Peter Pan Peanut Butter and the $0.50/1 Peter Pan coupon is back.  Just head to the ConAgra Child Hunger site and enter a code – 63829897 – which will provide a meal for a child and allow you to print a coupon of your choice.  You could pick different coupon if you choose :).

Make sure to hit the BACK button on your browser to print more than one.

thanks FrugalLiving&HavingFun


  1. Jessica says:

    I tried this code and it didn’t work….

  2. Worked for me. Thank you!

  3. DOROTHY says:


  4. The code worked for me and I printed 8 coupons. I think that you can print more than that though. Whoo Hoo cheap peanut butter!

  5. Heather S. says:

    The prints do seem to be unlimited! I’m going to print out a bunch and when these go on sale I can get them @ rock bottom prices and give them to my neighbors with kids :)

    • Jim Rosenberger says:

      Meijer has a 1 day Saturday sale on Peanut Butter 4/$5. So with these unlimited coupons u can get them for 75cts/jar!

      • if you go to meijers mealbox you can get a coupon for a $1 off 3 that makes it .25 for 3 jars double 2 @1.00 1 @.50 use $1 off 3 ==.25 for 3 jars

  6. Great find! Thank you. Got to love cheap peanut butter!

  7. my print limit was 8. I’m hoping for a good sale! If you haven’t tried the honey flavor…it’s really like dessert!

  8. OMG this is fabulous! It’s on sale at Stop and Shop 2/$4, and then if you buy 7 you get 100 bonus gas points!! I needed PB and $1/jar (after the cpn doubles) is an awesome price!!

  9. If you copy and paste, the code won’t work unless you delete the extra space at the end after you paste it in. That’s probably what the issue is with some people!! And I was able to print 8!!

  10. Worked for me, but hitting back button gave me a “page expired”, so could only print one.

  11. Thank you. It worked for me 😀

  12. Rachael Giallongo says:

    It said I reached my limit and I printed zero. :(

  13. i entered this code and it let me print it out 10 times.

  14. Elena Sepulveda says:

    I can’t print this out. I installed the program a number of times, but afterwards there is no option to print and nothing prints out automatically.

  15. I had trouble at first. The website didn’t work with google chrome, but works with internet explorer. Most coupon sites that don’t work with chrome will work with explorer. I printed multiple times. Hope this helps!

  16. Seems that the code is for when you’ve bought the product and is to help end hunger? Seems wrong to use a code from someone else’s product purchase to “cheat” and get the coupon? Maybe looking for one of the participating products cheap would be a better way to acquire a code to get the coupon… just food for thought

  17. tammy gary says:

    You can print 20 total, I printed peanut butter and several other. Bi-Lo has several of these products on sale and doubles coupons up to $.60

  18. got 10 coupons just arrow back

  19. Christie says:

    There is a limit of 20 prints per code.

  20. Jennifer says:

    I don’t see how they can limit per code, since every can of Chef B on the shelves seemed to have the same code? Maybe it’s per computer?

  21. FabuLus says:

    I don’t do alot of printable coupons. So, how does it save me money after all the ink and 5 sheets of paper? Am I missing something? Is there a faster way to do all this, becuase at this rate I am failing to see the savings. Don’t get me wrong, I want this to be a viable option, but i just don’t see it. Can someone help me, I am a newbie?

    • FabuLus – first of all you want to change your printer to print black/fast draft – that saves on ink usage. Then you want to sign up for Staples rewards because you can get FREE or $1 reams of paper there all the time. Then if you are printing from you can print up to 3 coupons per page, so I always try to print in groups of 3. Hope that helps

  22. You can print these coupons a max of 10 per item. Once the coupon prints, just back arrow and refresh the page. I was able to print all of them but there are no peanut butter coupons left. I usually print 2 coupons per page. If you can print these at a public place or work, then do so. Then you can save money on ink and whatnot.

    For those concerned about using the same code and how it may be cheating. When I buy my items, I make sure the new code is on each of them and I enter them as they are used. Yes, we may be using the code once but we are entering 10 brand new codes for 10 meals on each item we printed coupons for the cause.

  23. it work for me I got 10 coupons

  24. Kinda mad at everyone who printed coupons repeatedly. Now there are no more left.

  25. Worked for me too! If you have any of these products you can get the code , its on the label somewhere, and then type it in.

  26. How old are you, Sarah?
    >Kinda mad at everyone who printed coupons repeatedly<

    For all the world, you come across like a spoiled 2 year old that didn't get her way.
    FWIW, I doubt anyone *really* cares how mad you are.
    We all are here for the coupons and deals so that we can feed our families WELL on a tight budget.

    Oh, and I just printed my limit of coupons– I will be getting each jar for $1. The peanut butter will be used this summer for my kids, my neighbors's kids and of course I will donate to our local food pantry as I always do.

    Good day and congrats to all that were able to print these great Q's!

  27. Maven of Savin, just wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you do! I love your site and appreciate you.
    Just printed off my peanut butter coupons to go with the sale at Price Chopper this week. I am excited to be able to buy at such a good price, especially with summer being here and the kids home for lunch every day.
    $1.00 for Peter Pan (we like the whipped variety) is a rock-bottom stock-up price for me :)
    TY again, bless you!

  28. Thanks for the coupons!! Meijer will have the peanut butter on sale starting this Sunday at 3/$5!!

  29. it dont work you can only print 20 coupons per code so once people use the one code and print 20 it wont let you without a new code

  30. how to get this coupon ? I cannot see any section to put this code. Where did you guys put the code.. Please help !!

  31. How and where do you type the code to get the coupon

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