Outlet coupons: Coach, The Children’s Place, & GAP

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If you are headed to the outlets this weekend, you will want to bring along these printable coupons:


  1. Coupon King says:

    DOUBLE WoW! (WOW,WOW) Literally,
    is all I have to say about this deal.
    I went out to the nearest Coach outlet, which happens to be in a local Casino about 20 miles away. I happened to be looking for a mother’s Day present for my wife.
    I wound up scoring A sick full-size leather purse (khaki & purple)$329, a women’s tri-fold leather wallet (purple) $219, (my wife’s favorite color), a pair of women’s Designer glasses (tortoise shell) $160, and actually even bought my first coach wallet (Red-brown w/Coach Original Khaki Pattern removeable I.D. holder) $139. I know call me a SNOB.

    Although if it hadn’t been for the bottom line, I’d never buy this stuff.
    TOTAL PRICEincluding tax=$329.00 .

    Ask me how the price came to that amount, I Don’t know, but I got out of there as fast as I could, just in case they made a mistake. 😉

    Usually the price is my favorite part of the DEAL!!!, But this one gets better.
    Q.What are my favorite words in the English Dictionary?
    A. 100% Money Back Guarantee/Lifetime Guarantee.
    For REAL? I was SOLD…LOL!
    Thanks for another SUPER HOT TIP!
    -Coupon KING

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