NEW Shaws Coupon Policy June 2011

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Shaws is releasing a NEW coupon policy tomorrow which will also be posted online (I will update with a link as soon as it is posted).  Though there are some changes and limits that were not previously in the policy – having it published will at least provide some consistency from store to store.

The main changes I see are:

  • Doubling only 4 “LIKE” coupons per day vs. 6 that we can use now.
  • It clarifies that you can only use one mfg. coupon in association with a BOGO sale – so either a $$ off OR a BOGO.  This has been practiced at some stores, but is now standard and in the policy.
  • The final change I see is a clear statement saying you cannot separate transactions in order to circumvent coupon policies.  Though I am not really sure how they are going to manage that one.

Shaw’s NEW Coupon Policy 6/23/11

**We Reserve the Right to Change our Coupon Policy Without Notice. A portion of our coupon policy does differ by State due to varying state regulations. Our coupon policy in it’s entirety can be found posted at every register and at the service desk. Below are the standard coupon procedures for all stores.**


Doubling of Manufacturer Coupons:

  • Shaw’s doubles valid manufacturers’ coupons that have a face a value up to 99¢. Coupons with a face value over 99¢ are redeemed at face value only.
  • Coupons that state “do not double” or “free” will not be doubled.
  • No more than FOUR “like” (same UPC) coupons will be doubled per customer, per day. Any additional coupon(s) may be accepted at face value (not doubled) based upon product availability.

Competitor coupons are not accepted with the exception of valid Catalina manufacturer coupons and manufacturer? must be stated on the coupon. Competitor Catalina store coupons are not accepted.

Coupon amount may be reduced so that any combined discounts and coupons (including doubling) do not exceed the value of the item.

Coupon must have a valid scanable barcode and a valid date to be accepted.

One store coupon and one valid manufacturer coupon may be applied to an item.

ONE mfg BOGO coupon, ONE mfg “buy 2 get $$ off” coupon, or ONE “buy 1 and get $$ off” may be accepted per BOGO offer. No other coupons accepted for free or BOGO items.

Transactions may not be separated for the purpose of circumventing coupon policies.

Shaw’s reserves the right to limit quantities of product sold.

Photo copied, altered and/or fraudulent coupons will not be accepted.

Manufacturers’ Internet Coupons follow the same policies stated above (and to the left) along with the following restrictions: Coupons must be printed from a computer printer (no copies) and must scan. Manufacturer internet coupons for free product (including buy one/get one free) or that have a value greater than $4.99 are NOT accepted.

Shaw’s Internet Coupons are accepted with some restrictions. All coupon requirements must be met. The coupons must state “Shaw’s” and be printed from a computer printer (no copies). Unless otherwise stated, limit ONE coupon of each type per customer per day. Shaw’s Internet Coupons will not exceed $10, will not be doubled and cannot exceed the value of the item(s) purchased.

So what do you think about the new policy?  You can view it in Shaws website HERE.


  1. It was stated via another source that Shaws stated that it was 4 doubled per card according to their FB page. Your info says differently. Did you get this straight from corporate? Just trying to see how panicked I should be. And I mean in total, not per day.

  2. MMcKenna says:

    I will have to pass this along to my mom. I only shop at Shaws once in a blue moon when they have really good catalina deals, which may be harder now, LOL! Stop & Shop is cheaper for me around here. They have been better about coupons then the 2 Shaws right near me too. Which I know can be different everywhere you go, just another reason I don’t go there much. I don’t know how they will handle the multiple transaction thing. That is kind of crazy. I do multiple transactions a lot for a variety of reasons and I can see them being painfully rude for no reason. They are often that way at the store I frequent if they see coupons in your hands. In fairness I met an “extreme couponer” in the area and she is HORRIBLE!!! She’s everything we despise. She was telling me about her trips there and how rude she is to them. Hmmmm…I wonder why they don’t like couponers!?!?!

  3. Oh no! Still not an entirely bad policy but down from 6 to 4 will take a bit to get used to.


  4. bonnie tuepker says:

    i think i like stop and shop better now!

  5. This is foolish, as people will use other stores and they will lose business. Other stores have changed their policies in the past and saw they lost $$$ to their competitors, within a few months the policies were changed back. I don’t know what Shaw’s is crying about, as they receive the face value of the coupon, plus anywhere from 8 cents to 12 cents just for processing the coupons for the manufacturers. They tend to forget that…until their coupon revenues go down and then it’s back to business as usual…making a profit! I wouldn’t worry about this too much, as those of us who have been doing this long enough know it won’t last and competitors love to welcome their (Shaw’s) former customers.

  6. Rachael Giallongo (Coupon Rachael) says:

    What do they mean by “must scan”???? My printable coupons are forever having issues scanning…. I hope they just mean that it must have a bar code??? I will be super mad if they wont accept a coupon that THEIR cashier can not get to SCAN in.

    • Rachael – I think that is the intent, but you may always get a store or cashier who will nto keypunch it. I will ask my corporate contact.

  7. MustangKimmy says:

    Well in a way this blows…I don’t think I’ve ever had enough of one item to have to do multiple transactions but I do not see what the big deal is. I don’t know about you but at the Shaw’s near me I go out of my way to be friendly and outgoing because I know I have a stack of coupons and it may take longer than a traditional transaction (would like to point out that I am no where near an extreme couponer…yet, but I try) and it is the EMPLOYEES who are rude!

    My daughter will be happy with this change…she works at Stop & Shop and she’ll get to see me more! LOL


  8. Something that you didn’t point out is that it looks like they will no longer accept BOGO coupons that are printed off the internet. I don’t like that and
    the that we can no longer separate transactions. I have to drive 40 minutes to shop at Shaw’s and it hasn’t been worth it lately.

    • Tian – they have not accepted the internet BOGO’s for a while now.

      • They accept internet bogo’s at my store. I had one for lipton iced tea.

        • ltrom33 says:

          So they accept BOGO coupons, just not Internet printed ones? Is this correct? I see where they say you CAN use a BOGO Mfc on a BOGO sale.

          • Yes, they accept BOGO q’s but only if they’re not printed from the internet. They had a lot of abuse of those a couple of years ago and added that to their coupon policy.

  9. This seems pretty reasonable to me. I don’t think I’ve ever needed to double more than 4 of the same coupon anyway (I usually don’t have that many of the same coupon!) and I don’t like to do multiple transactions. It’s just my opinion, but if you are breaking up transactions in order to specifically circumvent the coupon policy, then I can see why that is against the rules. It’s not that the store loses out on anything, but if there is a great deal on an item and you can get it for free after coupon, it doesn’t seem fair that one person should go and buy 15 of them and leave none for the other customers. I’m constantly finding empty shelves when I’m looking for deals, and it’s disappointing. One thing I wish Shaw’s would change (which has always been policy at the Shaw’s stores near me) is their acceptance of BOGO printable coupons. S&S takes them, so it doesn’t make sense to me that they don’t.

    • When I do multiple transactions, it is usually so that I can use a catalina earned on the first order on the second. I have never bought 15 of anything and I would be amazed if my Shaw’s even had 15 to begin with.

      • I don’t think they’re saying that is against the rules. Also, I’ve never had any problems using coupons at my Shaw’s. On the contrary, my experience is usually that, if anything, the cashiers are impressed by how much I save! I am not an extreme couponer, but if I can save 50% or more that usually impresses them (and me!). If you have a problem with a cashier or using coupons, I would make sure you fill out the survey they give you at the bottom of their receipt. The managers actually do read the responses… I was really surprised the first time I filled one out and I got a response back from the manager about an item I couldn’t find in store.

    • MMcKenna says:

      The reason I do multiple transactions isn’t to circumvent the coupon policy. Sometimes it’s for another catalina, sometimes it’s because I want to pay a certain way, other times it’s of what I am buying and it’s easier to see if it rings up right. I only do them if it’s slow and in fairness I hardly shop there, LOL! Also, I wouldn’t buy 15 of anything either. I don’t think that is what most people are saying. For me, it’s more that they see you with coupons and give an attitude as it is. So I can only imagine that if I try to do a second transaction for ANY reason they will just say no if I use coupons regardless of the actual reason I want/need to do it. I don’t think it will always happen, I just think it will be an ignorance/misunderstanding issue amongst cashiers. Even managers, who like to see coupons and come running over and put in their 2 cents. It’s really because my mom has had it happen too and we are not extreme couponers, LOL! Over reaction much? I’ve heard the manager at my store convey the “coupon policy” to the cashier. They really have no idea how coupons work nor do they really want to know. I’m assuming they will either be given a quick overview of the policy or handed the paper and told to read it. I’m not sure about the BOGO thing either but I can say my stores have not been taking “FREE” internet printable items of any denomination. Wonder if that will change now that it says they do under $4.99 in black and white.

      • The old coupon policy said, in black-and-white, that they would not take internet printable coupons with a face value over $5.00.

    • liz in ri says:

      It may seem reasonable to you, but a little consideration for those of us who have three + children to feed and need more yogurt in the house than toilet paper. This new policy STINKS and I will be shopping at Stop and Shop from now on. The only reason I was going to the more expensive Shaws lately was due to thier really great sales in conjunction with my coupons………..but if no longer, then I will no longer!

  10. @Tian, u are misreading the b1g1 internet coupon policy: u CAN use them, but they cant exceed a value greater than $4.99.

    Manufacturer internet coupons for free product (including buy one/get one free) or that have a value greater than $4.99 are NOT accepted.

    • I am not sure how I am misreading that????

    • Manufacturer internet coupons for free product (including buy one/get one free) OR that have a value greater than $4.99 are NOT accepted.
      I think the key word here is OR.

      Looks like they will not except a FREE “item” internet coupon, INCLUDING B1/G1 internet coupon OR a internet coupon that has a value greater than $ 4.99.

    • Shaws STOPPED accepting internet coupons for FREE items including BOGO coupons a few months back. So they will not accept FREE, BOGO or coupons over $4.99 that are printed from the internet.

      • That must be a case of different Shaw’s having different policies depending on the cashier. I have used BOGO coupons printed from the internet recently- I even used the free Lipton ice tea one.

      • thank you lynn….
        it has been a very long time since shaws has excepted a “free” internet coupon….people just need to relax…so you can only use 4 coupons to double instead of 6…. it isn’t gonna kill anyone…if the extreme couponing show didn’t teach people how to do things wrong,then shaws wouldn’t be doing this..(which shaws was featured on the show and SHAME on that store for not following policy) and it’s only a matter of time that other companies follow…

  11. Not too worried although I do like to roll cats. so that could be a pain. I am liking that I may be able to shop on the day after the sale starts and still have items on the shelf. Here in Plymouth we have a few extremers who like to roll and roll and roll…

  12. I am new to the coupon thing….this is only my 3rd week. However, with a family of 9 (7 kids, hubby and me) I usually have a HUGE order (and not too many coupons working on that for my first “normal” shopping trip this weekend). TOO many times I have seen a cashier get aggravated because…get this….they have to do their job. Whether I have 1 huge order, 5 things or there is no one there, they are still getting paid to do a job. It shouldn’t matter if it takes them 10 minutes to check me out or not. They aren’t going anywhere.

    I will say, this isn’t EVERY employee of a store. I have had some very delightful cashiers.

    And for the record…I am one of the most organized people you will ever meet when it comes to shopping. My belt is organized by category to speed things up for them.

    I don’t shop too much at Shaw’s. I find them overpriced.

  13. I just back from my trip to shaws and I tried to buy 10 bottles of dressing with 10 1.00 off manufacturer coupons. The rude cashier told me that she could only take 6 manufacterer coupons for a certain item. Does this sound right to anyone? I know that would only DOUBLE 6 before (and now I guess it’s changed to 4) but this coupon doesn’t even double! I know stop & shop with double up to 4, but they will take up to 16 of the same coupon that doesnt double. I would really like to call and complain about this woman because she was incredibly rude, so could someone please tell me if she was wrong? I cant find their policy on their website. Thanks!

    • Mari – there policy has never been published before now. The above policy is what will be on their site tomorrow. I have an email into my contacts to ask about the number of same coupons that do not double. However they do reserve the right to limit the number sold.

    • They specifically will not publish their policy on their website.

      Their policy does mention the right to limit, but technically they should take “like” 10 coupons – if they doubled, now they’d only double the first four.

  14. Lourdes says:

    I think this is because of the new show extream couponing which has opened my eyes to doing it…not to that extream but to save money for sure.

  15. Okay, so I called the store and there is no limit on how many you can use. The store does have the right to limit that, but certainly not the cashier. The manager is going to talk to her. It wasn’t that big of a deal but it irritated me quite a bit because she was talking to me like I was stupid when she was completely in the wrong. Also, I know the policy changed to doubling only 4 coupons but the cashiers arent even aware of it yet so i’m not sure how strictly that will be inforced.

    • The computers will enforce the “four like doublers” rule, just as they do now with 6 doublers. They’ll also enforce the back-to-back transaction rules. I figured they were trying to crack down on back-to-back transactions – last week I ran a couple of back-to-backs on the buy 4 GM cereals, save $6 deal, and it didn’t take the $6 on the second transaction; the manager had to force it. There are no lines in my stores, so this is just irritating.

  16. Michelle says:

    So if it’s hooked to your Shaw’s card then you will not be able to make “two” trips with the same card. Guess I better get a second card :)

  17. I was under the impression that you could only double up to 6 coupons total in a transaction but it’s 6 of a kind and now its going to be 4 of a kind, does that mean that if you have 4 coupons for 50 cents off chocolate and if you have more coupons but for something else they will double? Every time I ask someone at Shaw’s or stop and shop of how many coupons they don’t really know…

    • Kelly – YES – it is only 4 “LIKE” coupons – exact same upc code coupons that will double – any more than that will be face value. But you can use many different coupons that will double.

  18. CouponMe says:

    FYI- I have talked to a manager at Shaws in Bangor. Regarding multiple transactions…for those of you who typically DO buy more than just four items per transaction, here are some things you should know:
    1) If you are using more than four coupons that are NOT subject to doubling (like a coupon that is $1.00 or more for example), you can use as many of those per transaction as you wish. They are not subject to the 4 like coupon limit
    2) you CAN do multiple transactions per day if you:
    a) take a friend or spouse and have them do one transaction, and you do a different transaction
    b) if you take your cart load of transaction number one out to your vehicle and come back in to the store to complete another transaction.

    The manager said, this is especially true for those of us that have to travel an hour away just to get to the nearest Shaws Supermarket.

    Thought that would be helpful! :)

  19. Remember everyone, if all else fails there is always self checkout! It’s been standard practice that the cashiers have the ability to go against the coupon policies. Even though they state the limitations in their new policy, their old limitations were rarely, if ever, adhered to. I have always been allowed to use as many dbl coupons for the same product as I please in the same transaction, which leads me to believe that there is nothing programmed into the registers to block this sort of thing. Maybe this will change…… I can see more shopping at S&S in my future,lol.

  20. Suzanne says:

    I may be wrong–but wasn’t one of the Extreme Coupon shows AT Shaws. One of the girls did like 18 transactions in Maine at a store that looked like Shaws and had the same cat deal as Shaws. I only buy sale items and they can cetainly be deleted from my stores I choose to shop.

  21. Suzaane says:

    Isn’t that “circumventing” their policy ?

    • That was not their policy at the time… hence the probable reason for the change in policy – LOL!

      • Jennifer says:

        I was at my local Shaw’s today, in NH, and bought 5 of the $1.00 ice teas that were on sale. I had 5 of the .75 off of 1 gallon or 1/2 gallon. I expected that the first 4 would deduct the face value of the coupon and then an additional .25 to bring it to the price of the product and not over. All that the register deducted was the face value. At first I thought…no big deal…I just got 5 ice teas for $1.25, but decided to check with customer service so that I would know what to expect next time. The woman at the counter had no idea what I was talking about. Then she said, umm, I think you can only use 4 coupons now (meaning 4 of any coupons total). I told her that that is not how I read the policy so she called the store manager over. He is one of the nicest guys in the world. He said that I should have had the first 4 coupons come off at .75 and .25. He had the woman give me the difference right there, including .25 for the 5th coupon. So, I got all that tea for free.

        We started talking and he told me that the managers do not like the new policy and fear that it will reduce sales, but the corporate office said that they are losing too much to double coupons, hence the new limit and no more multi transactions. He also told me that they are exploring ways to do away with all promos and just lower prices store wide. The impression that I got from him was that he did not think that it would work, but he did mention that the episode of Extreme Couponing at a Shaw’s in Maine, my have been the catalyst for the change.

        On another note, I did by 12 Ken’s dressings using 6 $1.00 coupons with no problem AND I will say that the cashiers at my Shaw’s are awesome. They are always helpful and like another woman mentioned, excited to see how much I will save.

        • I am so glad you had a positive experience. Wonder why they did not double to $1… I am guessing there will be confusion for a while until everyone is trained, but it is GREAT that you have a wonderful manager.

  22. I really hate that show. It has changed everything for the worst. The people on that show doesn’t effect them as much since they have stock piles unlike me who uses coupons to feed my family (without having to go on food stamps). It’s very frustrating. But on another note I do have 5 different shaws cards since I always seem to loose them and find them and I will never use my real name nor real address on them. I guess to another store I go!

  23. Michelle says:

    Is this their “official” new coupon policy? I could not find it on their website or facebook?

    • Michelle – it is their “official” policy from my Shaws contact. It is supposed to be online any time now. I think it went up and had an error in it and was pulled down. I will post the link as soon as I get it.

  24. All of these complaints should go onto their Facebook page… Shaw’s needs to know that we don’t like their new policy and that we have no problem shopping at S&S (or other stores). They listen!! I had a problem with a cashier being rude and believe me they listened!!

  25. WOW! I’m amazed at all of this discussion! I can honestly say that I use self-checkout 95% of the time, so I don’t really have issues with cashiers. The few times I’ve had problems @ Shaws, I have gone to customer service and they handled things fine (probably even better than some other places.) And trust me, I am pretty picky about service as I am a manager in the service industry myself.

    I have a tough time with this type of issue. To a degree I think the changes are good…I cannot count how many times I’ve gone in for a deal (and different stores, not just a grocery store) with some coupons only to find bare shelves because an extreme couponer has been there first and bought a zillion of the thing on sale. At the same time, I like to save just like all of the rest of us who frequent here. Hopefully our favorite shopping places will be able to find the balance so we can all save happily together :)

    Oh, and I hope Jennifer from NH lives near on of the Shaws stores I shop (Manchester or Concord)*L*

  26. Stevana says:

    Quick Question. I have never had an issue with using coupons at Shaws until today. I never use a ton of coupons and only buy 2-3 of an item. I went today to buy the Newmans Own salad dressing that was on sale 2/$4. I had printed off 2 coupons for $0.75/1 which after doubled would make the dressing 0.50. I had other things in my order but didn’t use more than 7 coupons. I handed the cashier my coupons and she rolled her eyes and said, How many salad dressings did you buy? I told her 2. She then rudly and loudly tells me that I cant use 2 coupons for my 2 dressings. The store policy is 1 coupon even if I am buying 2 and each coupon is for 1. I told her that each coupon was for each dressing I was buying and asked her to call over the manager so we could figure it out. She tells me how much she hates coupons and how she has been doing her job for 3yrs and knows how to do it, correctly! This lady behind me who I apoligized to for holding her up says No No dont worry you are right. I told the cashier I have done this many times and have never had a problem. Needless to say she scanned them after still complaining and I politely just kept telling her if it was an issue please call over the manager so we could figure it out. So then after she does my 7 coupons I hand her 3 of the doller doublers from facebook (I only had three doller coupons I used in my bunch so didnt want to try the 4th) She grabs them out of my hand and says, What are these I have never seen them before and I hate coupons (again and again) & says I know have to call over the manager because I dont know what these are. It took everything in me to not say, “you have been working here for 3yrs and have never seen the doller doubler coupons!” I didn’t because even though I think it I believe in treating others the way I want to be treated, even thouugh I was being slung threw the mud rudly. The store manager said Yeah put them threw. So I got my coupons to go threw but was wondering I read the new policy and want to check to make sure I am not misreading it but its that the new policy that I can only use 1 coupon for an item even if I am buying another one with a coupon for that other one as well.?
    Sorry if its confusing to understand and excuse my venting. I have been using coupons for months and have never had an issue so just want to check. thanks

    • Stevana – NO – she is totally wrong! You are fine and I have no idea what she was talking about. If it happens again, I may talk to the store manager about it.

      • stevana says:

        Thanks Lynn, I have contacted the store manager , mainly to make sure I was right but also to bring it to their attention so others wouldn’t have to go threw that. He contacted me back by email and said he was going to review the transaction but apoligized and said if my coupons were not accepted than I can bring them in to customer service and redeme them. Which my coupons were accepted but it was awesome for them to offer that! Either way if I can find a good deal at Shaws I’m going to go back I just will not go to that cashier anymore. Hopefully though once all the craziness from that coupon show dies down cashiers would be so moody having to deal with it all and hopefully stores will make sure the cashiers are aware of the policy. I’m not going to let one bad apple ruin it for me! lol. Thanks again!

  27. Ellen B says:

    I went to Shaws the other day and used a $.75 off 1 Swiss iced tea coupon that did not double. It does not say do not double on the coupon. If it had doubled,it would have brought item to $.29. The cashier refused to double it since it didn’t double on its own. She said whatever it rings in at is it. I tried to argue with her but there was a line forming so i just accepted her explanation. I don’t see anywhere in the coupon policy where it says it shouldn’t have doubled. I have 2 more to use today, so just wondering if I should fight it this time. They have doubled this coupon for me in the past… Thanks! Ellen

    • Ellen – have you read all the fine print on the coupon – lately I have seen some that say DND in the fine print – not on top where it normally does. If it does not state that, then I would try to go when it is not busy and talk to customer service if it does not double – or a manager.

  28. Kathleen says:

    I have a question… on Buy one get 1 free store deal… am I able to use 50 cents off of 2 coupon. If so how does that work? Say if the item was $2? how much will it be.. will it be $1.50 for that item and get the other item free. Thanks.

  29. I have to say that some Extreme Couponers have ruined it for a lot of other people. it might be thrilling for them and interesting to watch, but just like everything else, when the policy gets abused then rules are made to stop the abuse. Which has the nasty side affect of limiting a lot of honest couponers. No matter what kind of user you are, it’s never ok to clear a shelf and leave none for others. It’s so easy to call ahead and order what you need which in turn gives you a better repoire with that store. In any case I find that S&S is the most pleasant to deal with but I will consider using Shaws B1G1 policy because many stores do not allow you to use a Q for money off your purchase with a B1G1.

  30. Tonight at Shaw’s I had coupons that state do not double but the scanner doubled them. The cashier backed out the double on each. Is this Kosher?

    • Steve – yes, if it states do not double, they can back it out – that is their policy. We just luck out most times that they do not.

  31. Jocelyn says:

    On a B1G1 sale, are we able to use more than one B1G1 coupon per transaction?

  32. claudette says:

    I see nothing in this policy saying that if I was charged the wrong price that I would get it for free. Show me where you just get the difference.

    Thank you

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