Why You Should Never Pay More Than $1.99 for Chicken

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Why You Should Never Pay More Than $1.99/lb for Chicken

I was talking to a friend this past weekend who does not coupon, will probably never coupon.  So I said innocently – at least you never pay more than $1.99.lb for chicken right?  To which she turned red and said… ummmm!

I made her promise – NEVER EVER EVER AGAIN to pay more than $1.99/lb for boneless chicken.  Why you ask??

Every few weeks chicken goes on sale for $1.99/lb.  When it does you should buy enough to get you to the next sale.  Every so often it goes below $1.99/lb and then you should CRAM AS MUCH AS YOU CAN IN YOUR FREEZER!

This week is one of those weeks in New England Grocery Stores… as you can see above, all 5 of my local stores are featuring Boneless Chicken at the BUY or STOCK-UP NOW price!

Roche Bros – $1.77/lb thru Sun

Shaw’s – $1.79/lb

Big Y – $1.78/lb with silver coin

Stop & Shop – $1.99/lb

Market Basket – $1.99/lb

So get in there, repackage into bags to flatten and make room in your freezer, and for the love of Pete –

DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $1.99/lb for boneless chicken!

 You can save money even if you do not use coupons – it is not that hard… this is the first step!


  1. I promise, I will never, EVER pay more than $1.99 for chicken ever again. I’ve been schooled :)

  2. I just hate how all the chicken breast meat now is pumped up with 15% salt water :-(.

    • I ABSOLUTELY AGREE! All the salt in chicken, which you would expect to be free of any additives, is increasing the risk of stroke and heart disease. Many people on low salt, low fat diets would expect that boneless chicken would be safe to eat.

  3. I love this post! So glad my high school job was at Market Basket- learned great shopping skills that I use every week! That is of course with some help for your fabulous website too :)

  4. Samantha says:

    You just can’t make people understand that shopping the sale cycles, even without coupons will save you 20% or better. They think as long as they stick to their weekly list, all is right with the world. I got nothing. This sounds absurd, but to a large degree, couponing has changed my life. I mean seriously. Like, if I look at a Shaw’s week and it’s not all that great, it’s no big deal cuz my freezer is full, my pantry is stocked, and I am just on the rotation of products. I cooked the same meals a few years ago, over and over, week after week, because it was what I could afford. That does not even exist anymore. Once you understand it, you never shop the old way again.


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