Motivated Moms 2012 Planner

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I totally forgot to remind you to order your 2012 Motivated Moms planner. Deann has created Chore Planner printable chore lists that are an e-book to be downloaded and saved to your computer.

She spells out daily chores (things you do everyday) as well as scheduling other needed chores throughout the weeks/months. It is literally a checklist to help get you through the overwhelming task of keeping your house in order.

What I love about them (other than their inexpensive $8 price) are all the different variations that are available. There are weekly versions, daily versions, full page or half page (to fit in Franklin Planners or Day Timers). I personally prefer the daily version as it has an appointment schedule on each page. The level of detail is awesome – like it spells out when to change your dishtowel, when to water the plants – LOVE IT!!

Right now you can save $1 using code 1off at checkout!

If you want to see examples of the pages – scroll down to the bottom of the order page and you can see each of the versions.

Do you use Motivated Moms??  if so, let me know what you think.


  1. Hi! I do use the Motivated Moms daily sheets to help keep me organized, it feels great to check things off as ‘done’!!

    Do you happen to know if there is a discount code for ordering this year. I saw there was a spot for it, but wasn’t sure where to find the code.

    THANKS…LOVE your site!!!

  2. I just ordered mine. I used code “HAPPY” to get $1 discount. Just be sure to update cart after entering code.

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