Market Basket Deals & Coupon Matchup 3/10 – 3/16/13

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Market Basket Deals 3/10 – 3/16/13

Here are the Market Basket Deals for the week of 3/10/13.  Be sure to let me know what other store coupons you find!

Market Basket does NOT double coupons, but they do accept internet coupons and typically have coupons posted ALL OVER THE STORE – so keep those eyes open.

Though there is NO official coupon policy, one store manager notified a reader that coupons with other store logos on them will not be accepted.  Could be just that store or all and we will never see a written policy, but just be aware.

Check off the items below to create your own shopping list – and add your own too.

This List Has Expired
Meat & Seafood
Deli & Prepared Foods

What do you like at Market Basket this week?

Make sure to check out my COUPON DATABASE for other coupons you may need before you shop.


  1. I went to the Somerville, MA store back in November 2012. The cashiers and the line manager stated that they would not take any internet coupon with another store logo on it. It said “redeemable at…..” I respectfully disagreed, paid, and asked for the Market Basket 1-800 corporate number. They called me back within 10 minutes, while I was still driving home. They agreed that the store should have taken my internet coupons, because it did not say “redeemable ONLY at”, it said “redeemable at”. They said they were going to re-train their cashiers on coupon acceptance, and I have had absolutely no trouble since (and I have used many coupons since then at Market Basket…no issues).

    • WOW! I am in Revere, MA and most of the times the one in Chelsea will not even take, off the web printable ones.
      Do you know of any BJ’s that take off the web printables? Revere and Medford doesn’t.

      • Brenda – I would call BJ’s customer service – to my knowledge they all take internet mfg coupons. AND if it is a 3 pack you can use 3 coupons.

    • I have never had a problem either – BUt had many readers say they had. Good to know about the corporate number supported taking them – THANKS!

  2. I love Market Basket. Honestly, I cannot say enough nice things about the people who work there. I also live in Revere, MA and have been to the stores in Chelsea, Middleton, Reading, Burlington, and Danvers, and have had excellent customer service in all of these stores. This week I will def. be going in for all the Hood items on sale! Have a great week everyone, and thanks Maven!!!

  3. I’m new here but so far I really love this website. The itemization of what’s on sale for each store and what is availabe in coupons is awesome! It helps us newbies in figuring this out!

    • Glad you like it and if you ever have any questions do not hesitate to ask. If I am not around I have some super smart couponing readers who can answer as well!

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