Laundry Deals Round-up: Wk of 3/9/14

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Best Laundry Deals 3/9/14

Need to figure out where to use your laundry coupons this week?  Here is a roundup of all the laundry care product deals for the national drugstores, Walmart, Target, Dollar stores as well as online.

This List Has Expired
$5 Gift Card wyb 2 Items
$15 Off Up & Up Purchase of $40 Off-In ad Coupon
Stop & Shop
Shaw's/Star Market
Market Basket
Dollar General
Dollar Tree

Le me know if these round-ups are helpful for you or not.


  1. dear lynn,
    I just wanted to thank you for all that you do, I fell into your site by reading some comment a few weeks ago. this site is really become a go to saver for me, with 1 child in college and 1 entering this yr I really need to save every cent. I’ve been trying the gas rewards deals at stop, having some success but still making some mistakes. Was wondering if you have sometime to do maybe a break down or maybe give examples of how you do it. example: like how much you do a week, all max allowed? or maybe 2000 pts ea trip? etc. we have four people commuting n that sometimes mean 8 or ten trips to gas station monthy. any tricks of the trade would be helpful. again thank you for this site, it has been a god send.

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