7 Kitchen Hacks to Save you Time and Aggravation

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7 Kitchen Hacks to Save you Time & Aggravation

Over a period of time in the kitchen, you eventually start to learn things that make your life easier.  Saving time allows you to enjoy time doing the other things in life that you love.

Some of these tips & tricks are referred to as “kitchen wins” or “kitchen hacks” and there is a seemingly endless flow of them out there. The ones that are best for us are really unique to each individual. What you cook and how often is a large determining factor.

That said, here are seven kitchen hacks that many already know (of course I did not – LOL), but ones that most can use on a regular basis.

Boil potatoes with skin on to peel them

Making mashed potatoes without the skin used to be a nightmare. Peeling all those potatoes – especially when honestly, I do not even like mashed potatoes – but with an Irish husband, well you know.

Did you know that you can boil potatoes with the skin on and when they are done, the skin will literally peel off? No more peeling potatoes folks.  After washing just score the potato around the middle with a paring knife (just through the skin).  Once they are boiled, drain off the hot water.  Be very careful to allow them to cool before using your hands, but then run under cold water and peel the skins right off with your fingers.

What are your favorite POTATO Tips & Tricks?

Shake hard-boiled eggs to peel them

Another irritating thing to try to do in the kitchen is to peel hard-boiled eggs.  Of course using older eggs to hard boil always helps, but you can also SHAKE the shells off.

Place them in a tupperware container (or you can actually try using the pan with a cover as well) filled 1/2 way with water and shake them around for several minutes. When you remove the lid, they will come right off.

I am also going to try this really cool “Blow the Egg Out Method” by Tim Ferris…

What are your favorite Hard Boiled Eggs Tips & Tricks?

Use Non-Stick cooking spray to speed up grating

I have asked a million people.  When you grate things – cheese, veggies, garlic, anything – how the heck do you get the stuff off the grater.  Especially when it is something small like garlic.  I loose the whole clove in the grater.

Who knew that a simple spray of non-stick cooking spray could eliminate that problem completely? I didn’t but I do now. This works like magic with cheese in particular.

Do you have other Grating Tips & Tricks?

Core your lettuce by hitting it on a hard surface

I love this one because I can always feel like I am smashing someones head (some days you just need that – LOL!).  Some restaurants need this lesson as well.  If I get one more salad that is mostly core I think I will scream.

Anyway you can just take the core of the lettuce and aim it down towards the surface. Bring the core firmly down on a cutting board or hard surface and you can then pull the core right out

Obviously this is for a head of lettuce, NOT romaine – LOL!

Keep your knives sharp by using flat side to scrape items off cutting board

I wonder how many people do this? When you are cutting or dicing on a cutting board, do you turn the knife when you scrape things to the side or into a bowl?

Dull knives can really slow things down in the kitchen – as well as frustrate the cook.  Using the sharp side to drag things back and forth will dull them quickly. Flip it over and use the flat side of the knife for that.  If you have a knife block be sure to store them flat side down as well.

How do you keep your Knives Sharp?

Store Ice Cream in a Ziploc bag

After you open a gallon of ice cream store it in a ziploc bag.  This will keep it SOFT and fresh so you do not break your wrist or bend your spoon when you go for a scoop.

Put your most commonly used utensils right by the stove

This sounds obvious, but how many times are you digging through a drawer for what you need?  Pick the five things you use the most (tongs, wooden spoon, etc) and place them in a container directly beside the stove. Why not have the most common things you use handy, right? A mason jar, vase or even a cookie jar can make a cute option for this.

Wait until you see my solution for storing my new Elevate Utensil set (pictures coming this weekend – I hope).

These kitchen hacks are far from the only ones out there and may be obvious to you but not everyone knows.

What kitchen hacks, tips or tricks are you using on a daily basis that you can share?

I would love to post regularly on this topic, so send me your tips!


  1. I leave a utensil/napkin holder on the table filled with knives, forks and spoons and napkins. When it is time for dinner I have the utensils already at the table ready to be set.

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