How To – Maximize your SwagBucks

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What is Swag Bucks? allows web users to earn virtual currency by doing the things they do every day – search the web, shopping at their favorite retailers, and by engaging in other activities such as phone recycling, submitting polls, and completing special offers.

So you can rack up swag bucks and then turn that virtual “money” into real money!  It only cost 450 swagbucks for a $5 Amazon Gift Card and the points add up very quickly – I will show you how.  I know people who buy ALL, yes I said ALL, of their Christmas presents online using swag bucks – through Amazon and other gift cards.

Make sure you JOIN NOW

You will get an automatic 30 SWAGBUCKS

Make sure you enter your BIRTHDAY when you register.  You will get 50 Swag Bucks put into your account in your birthday.  I just got mine!!


Use their search engine to do your natural searches. Anytime you are searching the internet, use Swag Bucks. You are doing it anyway, so why not try to earn something. In no time you will be winning Swag bucks 2-3 times per day. ** note – sitting and doing made up searches over and over WILL NOT Increase your chances of earning **
DOWNLOAD the TOOLBAR – it makes it so much easier to do your searches AND you get 1 SWAG BUCK per day for having it.  I have this one right underneath my google toolbar so I can use either one when I search. In the toolbar you will receive exclusive messages and Swag Codes from The Swag Guy. **When you see a message next to the “Red envelope that says “From TSG” on your Tool Bar, hurry and read it – they are time sensitive and expire.

There are many schools of thought on how to maximize your search earnings. Some think that by lengthening the words you use in your searches yields higher swag bucks – I have not tested this theory. Others have tested and determined that you should use it to search the first 5 searches each morning, until you win. Then come back later in the afternoon and do another 1-5 searches. That way you can win 1-2 times per day.

Honestly I just use it all the time and I win 1-3 times/day. The key, we all agree, is to be consistent and search EVERY DAY

Especially on FRIDAYS – it is MEGA SWAG BUCKS Day!!  Every Friday the denominations of Swag Bucks that are won are much higher!

Daily Bonus Bucks
These are ways you can earn guaranteed swag bucks each day:

  • Complete a No Obligation Offer: – View the NO OBLIGATION offers and click “skip” or “no” and there will be FREE SwagBucks at the end – takes less than a minute.  Of course you can sign up for Special Offers and earn swagbucks, but they require obligations.
  • ToolBar – already told you above you get 1 swagbuck daily just for having the toolbar
  • Visit Trusted Surveys: Recieve 1 SB just by clicking on Trusted Surveys at the Swagbucks Homepage
  • Complete Trusted Surveys – there are surveys through out the day where you can earn more and more Swag bucks

OTHER Swag Bucks Earning Opportunites:

  • Trade-In – Recycle your old cell phones and MP3 players OR trade in video games and consoles for  SWAGBUCKS
  • Shop & Earn – You can earn 2 Swag Bucks for every $1 you spend.  It is shopping online at the stores you would normally shop at.
  • Sign up for the Swag Bucks monthly newsletter which had special offer info and MAY contain bonus codes.
  • Promote Swagbucks – Invite your friends to join Swag Bucks – they have a great referral program
  • Swag Bucks Widget – If you have a blog, place it on the blog for a fun way to search, win, promote, and get exclusive Swag Codes.
  • Read the Swag Bucks Blog – they post codes there all the time or post clues for Swag Buck HUNTS!
  • Follow Swag Bucks on twitter and facebook – you never know when time sensitive codes will be posted.

Of course you will also want to follow Maven of Savin‘ as I will post when codes are available. IT IS ILLEGAL TO SHARE ACTUAL CODES, but we can give hints as to where you can find them. Be sure to post on the Maven of Savin wall when you see a code!

OK, so that is all I can think of right now, but I will be back with more tips in coming weeks.  So what is stopping you?  BECOME A SWAGGERNAUT TODAY!

You buy stuff, of course.

There is all kinds of stuff you can get in the Swag Store, but my favorites are the giftcards.  Here are a few that are available (usually, things in the swag store change all the time)

* Barnes & Noble **  Amazon .com ** Restaurants. com ** PayPal ** Starbucks ** Target **  iTunes **  And Many More *

Happy Hunting, Happy Shopping and SEARCH SEARCH SEARCH!


  1. I am not very good at this – but I am trying. It will probably take me years to get to an amount of Swag Bucks that will count toward anything. I think most of what I have now is ‘by accident’.

  2. I am new to swagbucks I started 8\30\10 and I am at 290sb and my 2nd day I was able to get my 1st 5$ amazon gc. I dont really get alot from searchs tho.

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