How to get the coupon inserts you want!

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Reminder, there could be LOTS of coupon inserts tomorrow as I shared in the Sunday Coupon Preview.  Make sure to check the potential coupon list to see if you even like the coupons.  Before you go nuts buying newspapers, here are a few tips:

Make sure your paper carries the inserts you want. 
Around me, the Boston Globe typically carries everything, BUT it is the most expensive.  I can get a local paper cheaper, but it does not carry the RedPlum (which is OK most weeks).  Check these sites to find which papers carry these inserts:

Check the paper (BEFORE YOU BUY IT) to make sure all the inserts are there.  
I get emails every week about missing inserts asking what they should do.  I ALWAYS check the paper (up at the counter so people do not think I am stealing the inserts) to make sure that the extra papers I am buying have what I need.

Do not buy papers you cannot afford.
Remember there is always another deal, always another coupon and always another sale.

TOSS (or donate) your expired coupons

Out with the old, in with the new!  SInce there are tons of new printable coupons today and you will be bringing lots of inserts into the house tomorrow, it might be a good idea to clean out & organize your coupons today.  See how I do it HERE.  If you hang on to whole inserts, you can use the coupondatabase to find out which inserts still have valid coupons.  I sorted by inserts by date and found out that prior to July, most inserts only have a few un-expired coupons.  That is when I clip the few I want and toss the inserts.  Again, the 3 month rule held pretty well – even the 7/10/11 inserts only have 7 coupons left.

Same goes for All You magazine – prior to July 2011, there are only a couple valid coupons left – clip those and recycle the magazines.

Are you ready???


  1. Also you can check in your area what free publications came with inserts. So you can get free inserts without spend a penny… I am getting good inserts stack looking for this free publications in my area. Good luck

  2. There was a P&G flyer in our local paper Friday. That has been happening once a month lately. We also have a “Freebie” paper that sometimes has one flyer in it. (Maine) I also get my aunt and Mom to save me theirs. I share my goods with them…:)

  3. My son lives in a condo that has recycle bins for everything. Once a week he checks the paper one and saves me all of the coupon inserts that others throw away. I can then take what I need and share the rest with others.
    I am always surprised at how many inserts he gives me. Don’t some people realize how much they can save with coupons?

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