How to determine what coupon inserts are expired

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A lot of coupons expired 12/31/10 and we got 5 new inserts in today’s Sunday paper.  So HOW DO YOU KNOW when your old inserts have expired?  This easy HOW TO guide will help you quickly analyze when you can purge your coupons.

OK – so I am embarrassed to say this is my OUT OF CONTROL pile of inserts. If you have read my Coupon Organization post, you know that I only clip coupons when I need them. I keep the inserts intact with the date written on the front and “file” them (usually – LOL :)) into my binder in page protectors.

Well, my system got out of control when we out our house on the market in June and had to HIDE everything to show the house over and over. ANYWAY, enough with my failure…

Since a TON of coupons expired 12/31/10, I wanted to share with you is the EASY WAY to determine which inserts you can TOSS or send overseas to the military. When I am under control, each month I will go through my oldest inserts and when MOST of the coupons are expired, I clip the stragglers to put in my binder in baseball card holders and I retire the insert – sounds real official – LOL!  Doing that keeps about 3 months current in my binder – give or take an insert or 2.

Now you could start at the oldest and weed through each insert looking at the expiration dates OR you can use the COUPONDATABASE as a starting point.  I have already started you off by sorting the database by INSERT ONLY.  You can always search by coupon source.

So I pick INSERT and click SEARCH.  This will show you all the NON-expired coupons from inserts in latest date order.  Then click on SOURCE DATE – to reverse the order to show oldest first.  Keep in mind there may be some regional differences, but this is a good start.

This shows you that there are actually still some Listerine and Reach coupons from LAST January that have not expired – LOL.  You may laugh, but these will come in handy some day for a sweet Listerine deal.  There are a few listed from 8/8/10, but they look like errors, BUT I will scan those just in case.  I will also grab the FAB, Ajax, Dynamo from 8/29.  Then there are a few from 9/19 and 9/26.  OTHER than grabbing those onsie – twosies, you can toss any other insert prior to 10/3/10.  That is when the number of coupons increases.

SO IT DOES STAY TRUE to my 3 months of ACTIVE inserts!

Now to stay on top of it – I try to add a week and remove a week if enough have expired – or sometimes I wait until month end if you have the space. So there you have it. I hope it helps you do a little QUICK organizing of your coupon inserts.

You can do the same sorting by MAGAZINE COUPONS to see when you can toss your old All You Magazines and more.


thrown away – WAY EXPIRED

Nice & organized – 3 months of inserts and All You magazines


  1. Thanks for your honesty. I love your blog and how you keep it real. The reason I love this post is my pile of inserts looks exactly the same. I thought I was the only one. Thanks for the how to instructions of organizing!

  2. Thank You !! What a wonderful tool for cleaning out my files.

  3. Such a greeat Idea! I love this database!!

  4. Thanks so much for this post! Every time I “purge” inserts I have had to read them all the way through–very time consuming! This helps a lot.

  5. Just purged all my inserts. I feel like I lost 20 pounds (too bad that I didn’t). Thanks for this reminder and post. I am excited to be organized again.

  6. I use old Cereal boxes. I cut the corners about two inches in and fold the sides inside the box. I then label the spine per say. I do mine with black on white paper very uniform cause they line the shelf in my daycare. So it doesn’t look like my coupons. just slip the inserts in there. I get about 15-20 inserts a week, so I sort by insert type and date. I’ll gladly send a picture.

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