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I hope you survived the holidays and the BACK TO SCHOOL routine this morning.  Personally I have a love/hate relationship with New Years.  I HATE thinking about all the things I DID NOT accomplish the previous year, but I LOVE thinking about all the cool things I CAN do this year.

I have so many ideas that I want to do with the blog this year.  We have grown so much over the last year and I cannot wait to see where we are headed in 2011.  If you are NEW HERE – WELCOME and you can read all about me and Maven of Savin’ HERE. Do not worry, all the deals will still be here, but I really want to get back to my original intent for the blog…

  • saving MONEY – OK – we’ve got that one in full swing though I hope to have more tutorials and maybe a VLOG or 2… we’ll see.  Of course I will be sharing more of my shopping trips and tracking savings.
  • saving TIME – I really NEED this one and though I have shared some great tools in the past on cleaning, organizing and more.  We will be talking even more about this one as I strive to create my Home Management notebook and work through Tell Your Time – How to manage your schedule so you can live fulfilled.  I cannot wait to improve my time management.
  • saving MY MIND – this is a free for all – WHO knows what I might write about – but LOOK OUT!

Be on the lookout for our weekly LIVE CHAT on Wednesday’s from 8pm – 9pm.  I will also be creating a bunch of polls I will need you to participate in so I can better understand what you all want.  WOO HOO – it is going to be great.  You will see some new tools as well.  We already have the coupondatabase and the NEW Shipping List feature (tutorial coming…), but I love techie toys, so who knows what is next.

HOWEVER – keep in mind that I always BITE OFF MORE THAN I CAN CHEW – so rather than me making all kinds of timing promises to you all, I am going to try to pace myself.  My family is also moving in 3 weeks – so needless to say, the saving time and organizing stuff will clearly have to wait until I get settled.  So as I say… BABY STEPS.  But there is one thing I will be starting tomorrow…

I am so pleased to be starting a RENEW FOR YOU 2011 writing series collaborating with Kelly from Kansas City Mamas, Shelly from Coupon Teacher, Melissa from Stockpiling Moms and Sarah from Give Me Neither.  Sometimes we get bogged down with everything (the deals :)) and do not get to write about the things we want.  So now – cue the music – “it’s my blog and I’ll write IF I want to, write WHAT I want to, write WHEN I want to”!

This series is about Renewing yourself for YOU in 2011. Every week, each blogger will be writing about different resolution type topics like budgeting, frugal weight loss, organizing, making time for yourself and accepting you for you.  I hope you will join us as we help support each other in RENEW’ing ourselves.  Look for new posts on Tuesday afternoons.

So even though I will be doing a poll, feel free to chime in now – WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE on Maven of Savin’ in 2011??


  1. What about some kind of pantry challenge that helps you figure out how to use the store of food that you are accumulating with all the coupons?

  2. SomeNameHere says:

    One of the things that greatly bothers me about your site is that you post coupons (or links to coupons) for such unhealthy foods. I understand there won’t be coupons for say …. grapes or carrots unless they’re boxed and frozen, or 10% off your total purchases at Farmer’s Markets, but many of the snack foods you post coupons for are quite unhealthy. Capri Sun? Same thing. Saving money can in some instances come at the cost of health. I understand your point of this blog is to save money, but this unhealthy food promotion really bothers me a lot.

    • SomeName Here – Thank you for your input. I am looking for more ways to save on healthier foods and will continue to try and weave those in. I actually have a draft of a post on produce prices and would love input! Also, my posting the coupons is for information for those who want to use them. My intent is NOT to promote anyone one food for anyone. People need to make their own decisions for their own families . I want to provide resources to help people save money or save time or organize based on whatever they utilize in THEIR lives.

  3. I want to know how to ballance it all. It seems I either have a clean house, or save money. I am having trouble making the two go together. I spend way too much time couponing and my house work suffers. I’m a stay at home mom and I have this idea that since I’m not going to work full time like most mom’s, I’m supposed to be able to do it all. Any suggestions?

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