Happy New Year 2013 – What’s Your Style?

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As I sit here in disbelief that it is already 2013 I must reflect on the past year – as we all do.  There was good, there was bad, there was love, there was learning and there are as always many areas for improvement.  BUT I HATE RESOLUTIONS!

I will be making some changes to take better care of myself in the New Year since I usually put myself last and it frankly is taking a toll.  I will share more of my goals and journey later, but I refer back to a New Year’s post I wrote 2 years ago which still rings true now:

Self-Esteem: What’s your Style?

It is a new year which means you know what… those dreaded resolutions – (do you hear me screaming???) No seriously – that blood curdling scream where you go in a closet and block your own ears and scream as loud as you possible can. You ought to try it sometime – for real… not just your cartoon self doing it in your head (I would so draw a picture if I had any talent at all).

I am screaming because in my mind it is another set up for failure.  Another time I can setUNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS for myself and FAIL, FAIL, FAIL. We never aim low with resolutions… it is always I will lose 50 lbs (not 5 -10), have the best blog, have the perfect budget, be the perfect parent, the perfect spouse, the perfect housekeeper, the perfect everything.  OK – I have perfect child syndrome, but we will talk about that later.

My theory as to why resolutions fail is two-fold:

  • They are UNREALISTIC goals – I mean really, think about it.
  • They are usually for someone else, not YOU

We set such lofty goals because we are NUTS and for many more reasons we will touch upon later in the series – including feeling self-worth, a feeling of success and more.  At the same time women are also trying to meet everyone’s needs…


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