Happy Holidays

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I sit here totally stressing about the day. Cleaning that must be done, gifts that have to be bought, wrapped, returned (yes I will explain this one later), cooking that needs to be started. Do I have enough of everything. In the long run, it does not matter. Christmas will be a joyous occasion – if I can get through today.

Before I bid you adieu, I wanted to share with you a few Christmas goodies I found in the blogosphere. I already talked about the wonderful new tradition I will be adopting next year of minimizing gifts to something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. As I was stressing about wrapping paper from the big red guy, I stumbled upon this GREAT idea from Heather over at Boston Mamas – solid color wrapping paper, a different color for each child – no tags. That way even pre-readers know what presents are there and there is no time spent disguising handwriting and getting different gift tags, etc. I ran out to Target yesterday and got my paper. As painful as it was buying paper that was more expensive AND not on sale, I remembered that the tradition I will be creating is worth more than the money I am spending – and now I can watch for sales all year long – LOL!!

Still need gift ideas? Simplemom comes through as always with 17 Last Minute gift Ideas from your Pantry. Not so sure if I could pull these off last minute, but give it a whirl!

Even typing this I am stressed – am I letting you all down knowing I CANNOT possibly post deals today and tomorrow. But you all should not be on the computer looking for deals. Take a break, as I will be doing (I may post here or there, but do not expect much). Christmas is about spending time with those we love – and some we don’t – and just enjoying being. Look around at your kids faces, the time goes so fast and you cannot get it back. Relish every minute!

Finally I want to share with you a wonderful story that Sharon over at True, Good & Beautiful posted the other day. Head over and give it a read. It made me take a breath and realize what the true meaning of Christmas IS and SHOULD be.

Happy Holidays to you and your families. Be joyous, be kind and be loving. Have fun and let go of all the year’s stress and chaos. And to quote another country song – “the view I love most is my front porch looking in” – (click to give it a listen or check out video HERE). Look inward, not outward this Christmas, and cherish what you have.

You are the greatest readers and I thank you for your support and hope you enjoy my blog.


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