“Growing Up Fisher” – premieres TONIGHT on NBC

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Growing Up Fisher on NBC

Now that the Olympics are concluding, a lot of the networks will be premiering new shows for the second half of the season.

Get ready for NBC’s premiere of a new hit comedy “Growing Up Fisher every Tuesday. The series begins tonight – Sunday, February 23, 2014 at 10:38 p.m. ET/PT following the Olympics closing ceremonies, and it’s guaranteed to be a new family favorite!  I have seen the commercials and it is on my WATCH LIST for sure.

This new television series is comedic, semi-real, and might resemble an autobiography about your own family. The story follows eleven-year-old, Henry Fisher (Eli Baker), and his atypical family, his parents’ divorce, and the arrival of his blind father’s guide dog, Elvis (Peyton). If a dog named after a musical legend isn’t enough to get you hooked, we have more about “Growing Up Fisher” HERE.

I have always liked JK Simmons from Law & Order back in the day and more recently as Chief Pope on The Closer and I look forward to his comedic portrayal of a blind dad.  The ex-wife is none other than Jenna Elfman – hello Darma & Greg from way back and recently 1600 Penn.  My guess is the son and the dog will do a lot of scene stealing.

Are you going to watch?


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