Extreme Couponing: What do YOU think?

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Did you see this piece on Extreme Couponing on Good Morning America yesterday?  It is about a new show on TLC tonight. We talked about this back in March when Nightline did a piece on Super Couponing.

So what do you think?

It is unfortunate that stories like these make all couponers look a little over the top, when couponing is a wonderful way to save our families money.  So are you EXTREME or what do YOU consider EXTREME?


  1. I will be watching this show tonight, but I’m sad that TLC decided to take this avenue. There will always be crackpots and extremists in every endeavor, and it makes the rest of us look bad.

    I just did my end of year calculations, and came up with the following:

    Merchandise Purchased (Before Sales/coupons): $11,209.30
    Coupons Used: $5,143.18
    Spent Out of Pocket: $3,281.23
    Rebates Received: $907.71
    Donated: $2,991.90
    REMAINING BALANCE: $226.40 (out of $2600)

    Now why can’t TLC feature someone like ME on their show? The answer is I’m not crazy or sensational enough. Yeah, I saved a ton and donated almost $3,000, but it doesn’t have that “Jerry Springer” appeal.

    Like I said, I’m going to watch tonight, but I’m afraid fledgling couponers are going to get the wrong idea.

  2. Whew!
    I was angry when I saw the headline yesterday but didn’t have time to watch it ( I was busy clipping coupons. Just kidding). After watching it, though, I clearly don’t qualify as an “extreme couponer”. Still, stories like this make it hard for those of us just trying to feed our families on a budget because it tends to make non-couponers feel justified in all their angry foot-tapping and sighing if they happen to come up behind you after your stuff is on the belt and you’re paying with coupons ( I usually let everyone go first, but occasionally, someone having a bad day will come up behind me and make a jerk of themselves). I *would* love to have a toilet paper wall like that, though. I can never seem to find a good deal on it, we use a TON of it and I HATE buying it, lol.

  3. I think if you watch, towards the end of the piece they make a good point about that fine line and balance between what is obsessive and hoarding and what is just giving back to the community (he referred to the one guy as almost a “Robin Hood”) and being smart. And like he said, it depends on if couponing actually causes a problem in relationships and daily living. Although I have to admit, I’ve gone out late at night just to hit a sale, that is my hobby right now and anyone else would spend the same if not more time with a hobby, so what makes it wrong? I don’t hoard and donate a TON to charity. I refuse to have more than two years worth of items stockpiled so I do set limits. I don’t think some of these folks are considering expiration dates either because like the guy that had 4 years of deodorant, my longest expiration date (that I just purchased) on deodorant only takes me to 2012, so I’m not so sure they are thinking there. All in all, the piece does point out good points although these couponers are definitely the extremists I think and make it difficult for those of us who just want a little stockpile for our family to live on. Mixed feelings on this one.

  4. Oh boy, I flew HOT when I was told about this! The folks that know about my couponin habits wanted to tell me all about it and 90% of what I heard was the BAD things. Think about it, if you aren’t a couponer, what are you going to remember about this? That people who use “too many” coupons are hoarders or OCD and have a mental disease. Yeah gee thanks. Nevermind that I stockpile so I can help out my dad, who is stuck on unemployment because of this crap economy. Nevermind how much we give to charities.

    Now, I agree that IF you allow stockpiling/couponing to take over your life (ie you can’t move in your home because of the 300 cases of soup you got on sale), it’s a problem. It’s still a problem if you DON’T use coupons and pay retail for it all. It’s a problem if you’re a “shop-a-holic” and can’t move in your house because you have to constantly buy new items.

    I don’t see how coupons are an automatic causality of hoarding like they insinuate.

  5. LOL these people crack me up! I needed the laugh so badly; These people are crazy. I wonder how the mold is growing behind those papers. lol

    They clearly have a problem.

    3yrs of TP, passing on free dinner plans to spend money. lol

  6. I have to say I love to go shopping and see the savings with the time & effort that I have put in to get the coupons I need. But I don’t have a stockpile like some of these people have, but do have some things in extra’s. Also my husband & I try to make all of the trips together if possible and he enjoys seeing what all we can get for such a small price. We do make it fun sometimes just to go shopping for only things that are on clearance and see what coupons I have. I don’t agree with going dumpster diving to get coupons, to me that is going to the extreme, but I do like it when I see the items bought going to people in need & not just being kept in someone’s closet. I sometimes call my family and see if they need things and pass things along why keep it all for myself to me that’s being selfish.

  7. The woman on the video with the huge toilet paper stockpile commented on another blog where this was posted. Everyone was saying how terrible it was that she was hoarding so much stuff. She wrote that the network only reported half of the story. In fact, she said that most of her stockpile was gone, donated to others, and that she had replenished it. She is doing a huge work in helping others in need. Also, she said her marriage is doing just fine. She stated the reason she went on air was to encourage others to coupon, not to show it in an extreme light.
    I believe many newscasters tell half of the story in order to get their point across and to get more listeners. In only telling half the story, these reporters are creating a bad rap for couponing.
    This woman is using 70 hours a week to help others! Although I may not have the time or stockpile she has, it’s inspiring none the less

  8. Tooo Funny!!! I clip coupons but not to this extreme. LOL
    I think this can become an obsession to some, just like gambling, drinking etc….. I think you have to have a limit and must stop for a while to use up stockpile or you can run out of space.

  9. Well, everyone in my house watched and said that’s me:( I was like uh no I don’t have anything on them people. lol I have a 3 shelf book shelf for my Rite Aid deals and samples. It is full and I rearrange it every week to fit more on it. lol I do buy things my Mom needs too. My bf hates that I am in to couponing. We are broke all the time so I am like shut up! If I keep doing this maybe there will be a day when we have a little money. I started Rite Aid shopping in October and I’m glad I did. Before Rite Aid we were doing without alot of necessities like Razors, Shampoo and conditioner for our different hair types etc. If we had the money (before I started couponing) to purchase these things we were spending $60. + easy. I’m spending about that per month at rite aid and getting way more for the same $$. People may think im crazy and that’s ok because I think they’re stupid. lol

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