DIY Home Management Command Center

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I cannot even believe it was over a year ago that I asked for you help on my Home Management Command Center design.  If you remember I had this…

but I wanted this very expensive system from Pottery Barn…

photo credit: PotteryBarn

Well I could not bring myself to splurge so with a little hunting around at Staples & Walmart clearance I ended up with this…

I think I paid around $20-$30 for the white board magnetic calendar at Staples and we have a magnetic bucket to hold the Expo markers.  We color code the events by person.  Having a large VISUAL calendar has really helped organize our family activities and minimize scheduling conflicts.  We have also recently started to use so everyone has mobile access to our schedules as well.  I do have a paper calendar hanging on the bottom of the white board to record future events.  The little cork strip is very convenient for appointment cards.

The 6 pocket wall file I found on clearance at Staples serves as personal “mailboxes” for each family member and one for general household papers.  This is great for papers that you need to keep handy but do not really belong in an office file.  They are not labeled yet, but they will be.

To the left I have 2 bulletin boards I found on clearance at Walmart – they are actually “pretty” using khaki colored cloth instead of boring cork and nicely framed.  Right now I hang school lunch menus/calendars and any other school related notices that need to remain visible.

On the right I got a cheap frame black wooden frame with plexiglass that I used to create a Chore Chart.  Create your chart online and slip it in the frame.  That way we can use the expo markers to check off when tasks are complete and then wipe it clean at the end of the week.  The kids like to check off their tasks and it is easy to update as the children’s chores change.

Of course I still need to work on my Home Management notebook and actually use my Motivated Moms chore checklists to get MY act together.

Even though this is not my dream Potter Barn version, this Home Management Command Center has really helped “organize” the family papers and activities and cleared up my kitchen counters.

Do you have a Home Management Command Center?  What thing have worked for you?

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