Cautivadora Pop-up Foldable Hammock Only $59 (reg $129)

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Hammock Living Social deal

UPDATE – this deal is no longer available and was frankly a mess.  Both Living Social and Cautivadora canceled the deal and you should have received refunds on both the voucher from Living Social and the shipping from Cautivadora.  Also check your email as Cautivadora was also offering a BETTER deal on the hammock if you were still interested.

There is also still the …Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock with Carry Bag for $69.99 with FREE shipping on Amazon.

Even though you missed this one, there are loads more Amazon deals here at Maven of Savin every day!

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Relax in your backyard, campsite, or anywhere really, with this portable, Pop-up Foldable Hammock from Cautivadora, on Living Social today for only $59 (normally $129)!  In addition you can now use code JULY20 to save 20% (Restrictions apply) making it only $47.20!

The Pop-up Foldable Hammock comes in red, green or blue and comes in a carrying case. You can even purchase two of these for His & Hers at the same price!

Offer good through 7/25/13 or while supplies last. Excludes shipping – which was $16+ for my zipcode.

NOTE – shipping will take 3-4 weeks, but they are getting them out quicker than that.  If you have questions, Customer service is working the phones 7am to 3am EST 877-601-0001 or you can try LIVE CHAT. Email is very backed up we get like 4-5000 emails a day and so it will take 3 to 5 business days for an e-mail response.  You can also MESSAGE them on facebook for super fast response!

Portable-HammockYou might also want to check out the Strathwood Basics Portable Folding Hammock with Carry Bag for $69.99 with FREE shipping on Amazon.

Pop-up Foldable Hammock


  1. Barbara DeWitt says:

    I bought this deal from Cautivadora and my order was recognized as placed via email but I have not received a confirmation that it has shipped and it has been 3 days now. I cannot get anyone to answer at Cautivadora via email, phone calls, and live chat. I am directed to leave messages that are not being returned or answered.
    Very worried about this purchase being bogus!!!

    • Let me see what I can find out!

    • NO PROBLEMS – just heard this directly from the company by messaging them on their facebook page – There are no issues with the deal. The hammocks take about 3-4 weeks to ship. Our e-mail is backed up they should use live chat. Customer service there are people working the phones 7am to 3am EST 877-601-0001. Email is very backed up we get like 4-5000 emails a day and so it will take 3 to 5 business days for an e-mail response. They can always message me here I respond much faster because most people do not know about the Facebook messaging.

      • Karen Roberts says:


        • Are you trying to use the Eversave voucher on Amazon? You need to use the Eversave voucher at Caultivadora.

        • Karen, I have had the same problem. $59 for hammock, $148 charge on my
          credit card. Amazon cannot accept the discount price. I get no help from
          Caultivadora or AMAZNO. The FedEx tracking number they gave me is non existent in the FEDEX system. I have been waiting forever. Amazon is of no help and neither is the store.

      • Mike Korom says:


        I bought one through Living Social and it was never delivered, they will not make good on the deal and keep your money!

        My order is AB-9891 and was placed on July 9th. I have not received any info and it is not Aug 22 and is past 6 full weeks.


        • i tried to purchase this item in july… I am still waiting.
          I won;t ever use a living social deal again. at least groupon backs their products they offer… if there is something wrong or it is not delivered they will give you your money back…
          Living social puts it all back on the customer. I would never have bought this item if I hadn’t seen it on their site. that is my last purchase from their site!

    • Jessica M says:

      Barbara I bought this hammock on July 4,2013 I still have not received it . I’ve called, sent emails done everything I could and still have not received a return call back

    • Roxy Vandersluis says:

      I purchased 2 of these through living social/cautivadora July 1 2013. I NEVER received them. Living social returned my money, & I then was sucked in by cautivadora as they attributed the problems to living social. They claimed they would honor deal. I paid them, minus S&H because they had not refunded that. I have tried endlessly to contact them. Now their number is disconnected. I have have received 3 emails already this week for these hammocks for sale at $39.00. +s&h. & a FREE gift. What the heck? They are definitely rip off artists ringing up thousands of dollars probably daily on this scam. I thought living social was hooked up with reputable companies but apparently that’s not so. I know u are trying to defend them but I recommend you look at how many they have ripped off that are speaking out.

      • I am not defending them at all. I updated the post BACK when it first happened and they said they would honor the deal. I have not had any interactions since then. AND I do not plan on posting about any of there deals in the future. I just wanted to give people the info I had at the time. Thank you for following up and letting me know that they did not follow through with what they promised.

  2. I to called them to ask questions about the hammock. I never received a call back . I was worried they are not a reputable company so, I haven’t ordered it.

    • I am following up with my contacts at Living Social and will let you know what I find out!

    • Here is what the company said -There are no issues with the deal. The hammocks take about 3-4 weeks to ship. Our e-mail is backed up they should use live chat. Customer service there are people working the phones 7am to 3am EST 877-601-0001. Email is very backed up we get like 4-5000 emails a day and so it will take 3 to 5 business days for an e-mail response. They can always message me here I respond much faster because most people do not know about the Facebook messaging.

      • I too ordered the hammock through Living Social. It has been over 6 weeks and I still have no shipping notice. Cautivadora responded to one email on 7/31. The order was placed 7/7. They now will not respond to emails and their phone line puts me in an eternal hold que!

  3. bought this deal, got an e-mail confirm but nothing after that two weeks later…

    • Contact them thru their facebook page – I go immediate response. However they did say they will take 4-6 weeks to ship, but they are going out a little sooner – more like 3-4 weeks.

  4. I ordered this on July 11th for a camping trip I have the 27th, thinking 16 days is more than sufficient time to put the product in a box, slap my address on it, and get it out the door. Its now July 22nd. They have yet to ship it. It is impossible to speak to anyone that works there.
    If this is a reputable company, it is the worst reputable company.
    I would not suggest this deal to anyone.

    • TJ – I believe the deal stated 4-6 weeks for delivery, BUT they are trying to turn them around a lot quicker… more like 3-4 weeks. BUT you can contact them by messaging them on faebook - You will get a response really quickly.

  5. My card was charged on July 11th and I received not further correspondence. I didn’t see anything saying 4-6 weeks but if that was the case, then just answer my emails or better yet answer the phone and/or empty your voice mail so I could find out this information. I am in NY and it is a ridiculous amount of time to wait for a product. It would be nice to get this before summer is over. They shouldn’t do a internet deal if they haven’t the manpower/product to handle the response.

  6. Same issue for me, I ordered the hammock (w/ Groupon) from Cautivadora over 5 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything back. Order status still says “Processing”. Leaving today for the camping trip I ordered the hammock for…..if I would have known they would never ship it I wouldn’t have purchased from them. Do not recommend using Cautivadora!

  7. Cautivadora. Has not replied to any types of communication. Do you have any suggestions?

    I have called multiple times, and I have emailed many times.

  8. Stephanie Ng says:

    Hi all,

    I too purchased the online deal and am incredibly dissatisfied. Their latest trick? Only accepting personal checks or money orders…AS IF. What I want is my $60 back. I’ve reached out to Livingsocial to no avail. This is ridiculous, over 14.5K people purchased this deal and there have only been negative reviews on it. With Livingsocial denying refunds, it’s time that we report them to the press.

    ABC News does a special consumer report on scams and irresponsible companies called ABC 7 On Your Side. I urge you all to report the company and encourage ABC to reach out and get some answers!
    Link to report them:

  9. Hi All,
    I have experienced the same issues with the LivingSocial Cautivadora voucher on the hammock. I spoke to LivingSocial and they said they were aware of the many issues with Cautivadora and trying to resolve it with the vendor as well. The rep I spoke to said at worst if Cautivadora ends up being a illegitimate company, they will ultimately refund us but they did not provide a time frame, so we can only hope their investigation is resolved in a timely manner.

  10. Who do you contact at living social for a refund? It’s been 7 week and all I got was a shipping email notice two weeks ago with no tracking number. I still do not have it, I don’t believe it was ever shipped. Got another email from Cautivadora with a phone number to call and that line was disconnected. $59 for product and $26 for shipping and I got nothing. I am almost at the point where I am going to go to NYC and knock on their office door its only a train ride away. I filled out the Abc 7 form and complained on yelp

  11. I also bought the travel hammock. Just call your credit card company and open a case. That way, they do all the work, and Living Social will be dealing with a nightmare when they have credit card companies looking for refunds for 14k people.

  12. I too ordered the hammock on 7/3 through a LS deal. I wasn’t too worried about it and then received an email from Cautivadora saying my order had shipped on 8/1/13 that seemed about right. But a few days later when it still hasn’t been delivered I went to check the tracking number, the email stated it was shipped via UPS but gave no tracking info. So I called/left a message and emaile on 8/9. 8/10 I received an email saying that Cautivadora was changing carriers from UPS to Fed Ex and that they would be working on the change over that weekend. I emailed back to the CSR asking how it mattered to me who their new carrier was after that weekend if mine had been shipped out in 8/1 like their emailed stated.
    8/16 I called Cautivadoras “Special LS” CSR # to find out my tracking info again. A lady answered the phone sounding as if she was in her living room and needed to turn down the tv, searched for a pen to take my info for “someone to call me right back”.
    So I went on their Facebook page where I saw MANY complaints about the Hammock deal. I asked in a thread about how to get my tracking info. I also sent a PM to the FB admin. Today I got a PM back stating the hammock was never shipped and will not be shipped. All delivery if LS hammocks have been stopped because LS has not paid Cautivadora for them. The message said she was not suppose to say this but that she thought it was fair I knew the hammock was not coming.
    I called LS, the CSR said they had MANY complaints about them being behind but my info was new to him. I was offered a refund.
    I told him I’d just really rather have my hammock. So he’s leaving it as an open case and will find out more.

  13. I finally got somewhere it turns out living social charged us but Cautivadora never got the money from living social. Cautivadora was waiting for Living Social to pay them before it was shipped and they never did. Well I emailed living social this and they wanted copies of my conversation with Cautivadora so I sent that to them and now they are finally looking into it. Cautivadora to forever to respond to my facebook message but they finally did and now hopefully everything will be fixed. I am only confused now why we got emails it was shipped two weeks ago and it never was.

  14. I have had the same issues as most people complaining here, and have now issued a formal inquiry from Living Social and my Credit Card company. I tried emailing Cautivadora and calling, and over 3 wks have not received a response from anyone.


  15. Ordered the travel hammock on 7/7/13 and got a reply that order shipment is “pending.” It was intended as a birthday gift & that day has come & gone with no notification of delivery. I’ve tried calling the Cautivadora number and also the facebook message but no response. My account has been charged & it has been over 6 weeks.

    • that is exactly what happened to me!! I ordered this item over 2 months ago… still nothing! I cant get a response from them or get in touch with them! This was supposed to be a birthday present for septmeber…

  16. Hi All, I received an update from Living Social here a copy of their email to me:

    “Hi Cy,

    We’re sorry to hear your deal for Cautivadora was canceled. Events like this are rare, but nonetheless disappointing. When you purchased this deal, you used Deal Bucks, so we’ve already credited 59 Deal Bucks back to your account. (see them on your account here). This credit will apply automatically to almost every LivingSocial purchase unless otherwise noted in the Fine Print.

    Your Deal Bucks are available now, so check out our site to see what’s available in your neighborhood, in your city, or even across the world. ”

    Looks like you will never receive the hammock, so your best bet is to contact LivingSocial by calling them and asking them to look into your voucher for a refund. Hope this helps some people get some closure on this deal.

  17. Ditto. Ordered July 6th, recieved 1 email to confirm the order, then nothing.
    Very unhappy with this.

  18. Good luck getting any merchandise from them. I won a facebook contest way back in the middle of February. Still waiting for my prize. Numerous emails, messages on facebook. Now there telling me I haven’t filled out tax forms. Hard to fill out tax forms when they never send any tax forms to fill out.

  19. Hammock order issue says:

    What happened to Lynn’s follow-up? I, like everyone else is dealing with an order that appeared to have no customer service to support it. Call center closed down, Facebook emails go unanswered, emails directly to Cautivadora never get answered (sent 4 emails over 3 weeks) and comments written on Facebook are deleted immediately.

    Lynn-hello? Where is your follow-up? Lots of people are worried and looking for real help.

    • I have spoken with the company and there are issues between them and Living Social. I am not at liberty to discuss it but they are trying to come to a resolution. I would expect that everyone will get refunded one way or another.

      • The problem is with Cautivadora. I also placed the order on July 3, 2013 and when I immediately experienced difficulty trying to redeem the voucher I contacted Living Social. They apologized for the problem and credited my account for the offer price of $59. It is Cautivadora that needs to refund the shipping charge of $12.57. As with everyone else I get a voice mail when calling customer service, even after Cautivadora set up a “special” extension just for the hammock offer. I submitted a complaint with the BBB, just wanting my $12.57 credit.

  20. I too placed an order through a voucher I bought on Living Social on July 8, 2013 — I purchased two vouchers for $118 immediately went to the website and placed the order, charged another $19.95 each for shipping and here we are 7 weeks later and I have yet to receive my orders. I have called numerous times and all I get is voicemail – – emails go unanswered etc. I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM CAUTIVADORA AGAIN… If they are so overloaded then they should have limited the number of deals they sold – – don’t get greedy and then not deliver the products!
    I will be reporting them to the BBB and any other source of scam reporting that I can!

  21. I sent an email to LivingSocial and demanded my 59.99 refund since they failed to make sure that Cautivadora was a stand up company. I have received my money back, however I am out the 16.34 that Cautivadora charged me for shipping. Going forward before you purchase something from LivingSocial, do some research on the supplier.

  22. I ordered this item on July 3rd. I have not received my order. I got an email saying that they were sending this item via FedEx and that I would be receiving a tracking number directly from FedEx; I have not. I have called the number to get said number and it has been deactivated. I have called the customer service number 3 times for Cautivadora and been sent to voicemail all three times. No one has ever called back. I have sent emails from their Contact Us form and never heard anything back. Living Social has said that they will refund my coupon purchase, but I am also out the Shipping: $23.40 I paid. This makes me very sad as I had enjoyed purchases through Living Social in the past and now will be very leery of doing so in the future.

  23. Stephanie Ng says:

    Hi all,

    I’m in PR and was able to contact a local ABC news branch regarding this scam and the larger story of not being able to trust companies like Livingsocial when this is the result. Unfortunately Cautivadora deleted the post that contained all the complaints before I could get a screen shot. If anyone has any sort of evidence please reach out to me: stephanie at mightypr dot com.

    many thanks!

  24. Stephanie, when is the interview?

  25. Lucky I only ordered 1 says:

    Same story here…. Bought one voucher/ordered one hammock through living Social and Cautivadora(sp?) around July 5/6. Email sent to me on Aug 1 saying it finally shipped (but no tracking number). I keep messaging them and they are still looking into it. I have also messages LS and awaiting a reply on if I can even get a refund. (It’s 8/30 now..)

    I do not want Living Social “bucks”. I want a refund. I guess I’ll be emailing our atty general or something. Thank God I didn’t order two like my husband originally suggested…

  26. I too have placed an order for a hammock through a Living Social voucher.
    This was over a month ago! I have followed up with 2 emails, left about a dozen messages for them over a course of about 2 weeks on their customer service lines, their online order support, their corporate and legal lines too. I still have no reply! Now I find this quite odd. How can a company exist and ignore their customers? If this is a real operational company why does no one pick up the phone lines in their offices during business hours? Why does no one reply? Another red flag goes up for me. And…why cannot I find any customer reviews online happy with their hammock purchase? Nothing, zip, nadda, niente. I found only negative reviews of the company. “Warning…”, “stay away”, “keep your wallets away from…”, etc. I finally only once spoke with a customer service rep only who could not find the order I placed online (yes I did have an order #) and said someone will call me back. I waited. No one did – ever. Today I contacted Living Social asking for help to intercede in this matter. Hopefully they can help. If not, I want my money back.
    If I cannot find a quick resolution to this matter of not getting my merchandise shipped to me after paying them for an order, I intend to launch a full scale investigation, contact the Better Business Bureau and a plethora of various other agencies and institutions to investigate this company. Enough of unscrupulous business practices.

  27. My story is a lot like all of yours. I ordered on July 2, and got an email saying it shipped August 2nd. It said it was shipped through fedex and i’ll be recieving a confirmation number, if not call the number. So I called and it was the only time someone responded to me. A woman answered and said the person I needed to talk to wasn’t in the office at the moment and she’d call me back. By the next day I hadn’t heard anything so I called the number back… guess what! Disconnected. So then I started leaving a lot of voicemails, and live chat, and emails. Nothing. So I’m giving my shot at getting a refund. I bought it because it would be awesome to use this summer, and if anyone knows the PNW, my summer is pretty much over now. Anyone know how I go about getting the shipping cost back?

    • Got a full refund from Living Social. Thought it was kind of funny, no apology no questions. Just ‘Here is your refund’ Went to my bank and got my money back for the 23$ shipping as well. F that ‘company’!

  28. Hi, Maven,
    I am senior producer of a consumer news segment on ABC7 in San Francisco. Since you’ve been able to communicate with Cautivadora, can we do a skype interview Wednesday on what you’ve been able to hear about the cause in delay of shipment.
    I can be reached at the email above or My deadline is tomorrow.
    Thank you.

  29. EVERYONE – I am hoping that you all have received some sort of communication either from Living Social or Cautivadora.

    As of communications on 8/23/13 there are issues on the back end of the deal between Living Social and Cautivadora (legal/financial). They are trying to resolve the issues but most likely everyone will get a refund in some form or another from Living Social and you should also be getting an email from Cautivadora themselves. This is off the record and may or may not happen depending on legal and crap between the 2 companies.

  30. I thought I would just I also placed an order using Living Social for the hammock. Ordered it on July 5th. NOTHING. I thought Living Social’s response was lame (basically said they didn’t know how to reach Cautivadora either), and Cautivadora never responded to my multiple attempts. I will not be purchasing products from either Living Social or Cautivadora again. Horrible horrible communication and business practices.

    • I too purchased during the Living Social deal. I too have not received my hammock. I notice today (9/9/13) that they are offering the SAME hammock as their “deal of the day” that they cannot be bothered to ship to me.
      I’m fuming!

  31. I received this email from Cautivadora today. Unsure if its all smoke and mirrors. Will let you know if they follow through on refunding shipping charges.

    Dear Loyal Cautivadora Customers,

    We are sad to inform you that Living Social has unilaterally canceled the Travel Hammock deal. Due to Living Social’s failure to meet certain contractual obligations, Cautivadora was unable to ship the hammocks. We were trying for many weeks to resolve this issue with Living Social so that we could ship the hammocks to you, and expected the issue to be promptly resolved, which delayed our response to you. We are just as shocked and surprised by this outcome as you are. We will promptly refund shipping to those of you who no longer wish to receive the travel hammock. For those of you who still wish to receive your hammock, we are offering them directly from us on special for $49.99, please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. We are closed today, but will be open tomorrow morning. Our customer service team will be open 24 hours a day starting tomorrow for the next few weeks. We also have a special e-mail just for you called That e-mail will be reviewed 24 hours a day. We also have a special extension set up for you which will be active tomorrow morning: 877-601-0001, extension 9. This is a team that will be there specifically to help customers who purchased the travel hammock deal through Living Social. We will do our best to help with any issues that you may have. We thank you for your patronage and we are here to serve you.

    Best Regards,

    Cautivadora Customer Care
    Living Social Travel Hammock Deal Team

    • That is wonderful – that is exactly what the company rep told me they were going to do. Let me know when you get yours.

      • This is b.s. as well. The company does not respond to this “special” email account and when I call the number, some guy answers the phone, has no idea what Cautivadora is and there is a kid screaming in the background. This company is a scam. I still have not received my shipping refund. I am too busy to be on top of this all the time. I work constantly, hence the need for a hammock for much needed leisure time. Wow! The promise and allure of a relaxing day in a hammock came with a major headache!

  32. William (Woody) Sheats says:

    I’ve been waiting since July 3rd to get my hammock. Livingsocial refunded my purchase price, but not my $18.95 shipping fee. Cautivadora offered by the same deal with free shipping, but there is no way to pay for the item on their website with a credit card (didn’t want to send a check). Called 5 times (no answer) and I have emailed them at least 5 or more time with no response. Can’t get the hammock and can’t get my $18.95 back. Can anyone help ?

  33. I have left 19 voicemails and sent twice as many emails with no response. There isn’t even a link to the live chat on their website. This is a really crooked company who is making out with high shipping costs for something they aren’t actually ever going to ship. I got an obviously fraudulent shipping confirmation on August 1st for my July 4th purchase and am at my wit’s end with trying to get someone to respond. I think a class action lawsuit or formal complaints to the Better Business Bureau are viable options with this many people experiencing these problems. This is not a credible business, it is theft.

  34. Just found your website. I am having trouble receiving my order for the hammock as well. I ordered it again from their special email and personal order line after the living social order fell through. Friday it will be 6 weeks since I ordered and no item shipped. They do not answer phones or emails at all. My next step is credit card refund and BBB. Are you connected with this agency or different. I have always had good business deals with amazon but I see your offered ended a long time ago. I would have loved to order from you. Can you help with this problem

  35. Irene Campbell says:

    Got charged on Dec. 2nd for the hammock which I never received. Called the disconnected number. Sent 2 registered return receipt requested letters which were never acknowledged. Thank God for American Express. They wiped the charge off my bill.

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