Wordless Wednesday: Spring Has Sprung

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I do not make time each day to take a minute and notice the beauty that the change of season brings. So today I have taken a few shots from my yard…

ENJOY… I did!


What do you love most about springtime??

Wordless Wednesday: Fruit in Heat

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It has been a while since I did Wordless Wednesday, but this picture my sister took warrants it… a pepper took an obvious liking to a tomato in the produce drawer.

One HOT pepper SWEET on da Tomato...

thanks Leigh and Laurie for the quote!

Wordless Wednesday: Got Acorns?

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Got Acorns?

If I get hit in the head one more time I am going to kick a** and take names! 
YES I see YOU, little black squirrel – and don’t try to blame it on the wind.

Frugal Stand Mixer

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Tired of waiting for that beautiful Kitchenaide stand mixer to go on sale?

Make your own…

photo from ThereIFixedIt

Gotta love it!!

Wordless Wednesday | Kickin’ back

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Kickin’ back after a long day watchin’ Diego!

Wordless Wednesday | Hoola Hoop

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I will get the hang of this loopy thing!

Wordless Wednesday | Dance Recital Diva

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My Dance Recital Diva
Dad will have his hands full in a few years – LOL!

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Wordless Wednesday | Z in NYC

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Wordless Wednesday

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I know this pic is not profound, but I thought you might be tired of seeing my little munchkin.  I just loved all the green in my bay window.  I love the spring!

Wordless Wednesday | My Brother’s Hat

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Sometimes I catch just the right shot – most times I do not… But this is one of my fav’s.  All you photo editing folks have tips to make it better – would love to print/frame it!

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