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Recyclebank: Earn More Points

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Beyond Bin – Learn how plastic bags get recycled and earn Recyclebank points.

What Does “Organic” Really Mean? Watch and learn what “organic” really means and earn 30 Recyclebank points.

Recyclebank: Earn 25 Points

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With a little creativity, you can keep the wrappers from your Halloween haul out of the landfill and you can earn 25 Recyclebank Points.

Recyclebank: Earn 155 Points

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Learn what energy vampires are lurking around your house and earn 25 Recyclebank points.

Here are five things in your bathroom you can recycle. When you pledge to recycle them, you’ll see your impact and earn 25 Recyclebank points!

Take care to recycle the little things and it’ll add up to a big impact! Find out which overlooked bathroom items you can add to the bin and earn up to 105 Recyclebank points.

Recyclebank: Earn 150 Points!

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It’s the season for Fall harvests. Find out how to make the most of the bounty, and earn up to 150 Recyclebank points.

Recyclebank #GreenHalloween Twitter Chat

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Join Recyclebank’s #GreenHalloween Twitter Chat on October 8 from 8:00 – 9:00pm EST to let them know how you’re planning to celebrate this spooky holiday sustainably.

By participating, you could win a $100 gift card!

Recyclebank Points: Earn 20 Points

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Phantastic Results

The City of Brotherly Love is setting a new standard in city-wide green initiatives. Learn how and earn 20 Recyclebank points.

Recyclebank Points: Earn 25 Points

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The energy that powers our world has big impact on the planet. Learn how we can minimize it and earn 25 Recyclebank points.

Recyclebank Points: Earn 175 Points

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Keep your skin gorgeous and the planet healthy with eco-friendly beauty routines. Learn how and earn up to 150 Recyclebank points.

See how plastic stacks up to other materials when it comes to recycling, and earn 25 Recyclebank points. Plus, select West Paw pet products are 25% off for a limited time only.

Ruby Tuesday – Buy any adult entrée and get a second entrée 50% off

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Turn your Recyclebank points into a buy-one-get-one-half-off meal deal at Ruby Tuesday. This reward normally costs 100 points, but is just 50 points for one week only!

Recyclebank Points: Earn 50 Points

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Savor the last of summer with five energy-free activities.  Check it out and earn 25 points.

Your fashion choices affect water usage worldwide. Learn how and earn 25 points. And for a limited time only, sustainable apparel from Threads for Thought is 25% off!